6 Tips to Eat Healthier & Save Money

DietBet host Jenny Martin shares her top tips for getting thinner while making your wallet fatter!

I was so excited to host my first DietBet challenge some months ago. I'd already begun living a healthier lifestyle, but after a few weeks I definitely could use some extra incentive, and DietBet provided that.

The community was so supportive, and as a frugal-minded person, the $30 bet was the motivation I needed. I didn't think of the payout and hope that someone in the group would fail--instead, I looked at it as extra encouragement for myself to succeed. I don't know about you, but every dollar counts, and I really didn't want to lose my $30.

When I teach folks how to save money, one of the number one push-backs I get is that people assume they can't still save money when they're trying to eat healthier. Yes, we see a lot of coupons on not-so-healthy food, but I'm here to tell you that eating healthier isn't all about buying the most expensive prepackaged food in the store. There are plenty of ways to eat healthier and still save money for your family!

How do you eat healthier and still save money? Here are my top 6 tips:

1. Buy bulk and local produce. Freeze and/or precook the produce while it's fresh.

2. Don't buy prepackaged food. Buy snacks and package them yourself in Ziploc bags.

3. Look for bulk deals on expensive items at warehouse stores. Bai5 drinks are 5 calories and amazing, but they are $2 each on sale at the grocery store. Sam's has them for $1 by buying them in a bulk pack!

4. It doesn't have to be diet food to be healthy. There are some great frozen food items that go on sale, buy one get one, and even have coupons you can use. It brings the dinners to a cost of $1 or less. Don't judge the product by the brand or label, read the calories!

5. Make your own salad jars instead of buying prepackaged items. You'll pay $4+ for a single serve salad. Instead, grab some mason jars and start dicing veggies. Make salads for the whole week for a fraction of the cost.

6. Just like you should skip the packaged goods, you should also pass up the bottled water. Grab a glass reuseable bottle and fill it up yourself! You don’t think about how much water can cost, but per bottle you are probably paying at least 50¢. That adds up, especially if you are drinking more than one per day. To make the water even better, grab a bottle of lemon essential oil and add one drop (only one) and you’ll have your own lemonade. At one drop per bottle you’ll have over 500 bottles of water from one bottle of essential oil. That is a lot cheaper than lemons too!

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