Meet the Dogs of the WayBetter Team!

We like our furry friends a lot, and think it's time we shared them with the world.

Did you know that having a dog actually makes you healthier? People who own dogs tend to weigh less (by an average of about 6 pounds!), have lower BMI’s, and be more active, plus they have a lower risk of heart disease. Woof! Those are some serious benefits.

Of course, that’s not why people have dogs. People have dogs because dogs are adorable and hilarious and loveable. For all those reasons and more, we’re pretty big dog-lovers over here at WayBetter. And if it helps us stay fit along the way? Hey, we’ll take it!

Without further ado, I present the illustrious dogs of WayBetter:

Name: Shia

Human: Dean, Referee

Breed: Airedale Terrier

Age: 4 months

Dean was such a fan of the show Even Stevens on the Disney Channel that he named Shia after one of its stars, Shia LaBeouf. It turned out to be a fitting name, because both Shias can get a little bit crazy!

Name: Koji

Human: Alison, Vice President of Brand Marketing

Breed: French Bulldog

Age: 4

Don't let his stoic and statuesque appearance fool you: Koji loves to play catch. He also enjoys chasing squirrels, sitting on laps, and making funny snorting sounds. He is pretty certain that Central Park is his personal backyard, especially the area from 81st Street to 85th Street on the west side. As you can see from the above photo, he missed his calling as a dog model.

Names: Marvel (left) and Harley Quinn (right)

Human: Jenn, Referee

Breeds: Black lab/Border collie mix (Marvel) and Yorkie (Harley Quinn)

Ages: 2 ½ (Marvel) and 6 (Harley Quinn)

Jenn and her husband displayed their love of comic books in the names for these two pups. Harley Quinn was adopted in 2010, and Marvel joined the family when he was adopted in 2013. He ensures that he carries his own weight around the house by cleaning up after the baby—a habit that Jenn thinks is somewhat disgusting.

Name: Luna

Human: Natalie, Director of Social Media

Breed: Siberian Husky

Age: 8

Quite the traveler, Luna has lived in Las Vegas, Northern California, New York City, and now Columbus, Ohio. She’s traveled cross-country twice by plane and once by car. Wherever she goes, you can find her chasing squirrels (they’re her jam) and trying to balance her love of swimming with her hatred of getting her face wet.

Name: Chester

Human: Jeff, Referee

Breeds: Chocolate Lab

Ages: 10 

Chester, who Jeff describes as a "big cuddly baby," has only been heard to bark one time, though that one time was really, really loud. Instead of barking, he prefers to occupy his mouth guessed it, fetch! In fact, Chester loves fetch so much that he can often be seen wandering around the yard or the house with THREE tennis ball in his mouth!

Name: Milky

Human: Eric, Referee

Breeds: Lionhead Rabbit

Ages: 5

Okay, we know, we know, Milky isn't a dog. But just look at that face. LOOK AT THAT FACE! Far too cute not to include. Milky's favorite food is bananas. In fact, Milky loves bananas so much that every time Eric tries to give him a few bites of some, Milky gets so excited that he starts shaking and devours it immediately.


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