Meet Ref Jeff!

DietBet Referee Jeff dishes about the transition from player to player + Referee, how he rewards himself, and the funniest thing he's encountered in his Refereeing duties.

Many people might not know that DietBet Referees are all real-live players. They’re all over the country (plus a few in Canada!), but are core members of our team. These hard-working Ref’s individually review every weigh-in and respond to each customer service email and payout request. Suffice it to say, they’re pretty amazing, and we think it’s time you all got to know them.

To kick off our meet-a-Ref series, we sat down with Ref Jeff. Here’s what he had to say:

How did you become a DietBet Referee?

I was laid off from my previous job and I had been out of work for almost a year. During that time, I had been playing in and hosting DietBet games. I’ve always loved helping and supporting others, so doing so in my DietBet games was natural for me (I was “Most Liked” for all six months of my Transformer game, which is something I was very proud of). Someone at DietBet noticed my posting, and sent me a Twitter message asking if I was interested in becoming a Referee. Of course I jumped all over the opportunity! I’ve been with DietBet for a year and a half now and I absolutely LOVE being a part of this incredible team! I plan to work for DietBet until I reach retirement age! Even then, they’ll have a hard time getting rid of me! 

Do you still play in games while being a Ref?

I sure do! I have approximately 125 pounds to lose in order to get to a healthy range, so I have lots of dietbets ahead for me! I host games regularly and I am excited to be gearing up to host my first ever six month Transformer game beginning January 1st

What’s the best thing about being a Ref?

The best part about being a DietBet Referee is simple: our players.  Being able to help our players reach weight loss and health improvement goals is a priceless reward of my job. When I read the happy and excited replies from players who we’ve helped, it honestly brings tears of joy to my eyes. As a guy who has a long way to go on my journey to health (I currently weigh 375 pounds) the stories and successes of our players continues to amaze. So many of them unknowingly inspire me every day. I realize that if they can do it, so can I. 

When it comes to your own weight loss journey, from where do you get your motivation when things get hard?

My inspiration comes first and foremost from my family and friends. They love me and want to see me get in shape and healthy so that I can be with them for decades to come. They are my true lifeline and I love them with all my heart.

When you win a DietBet game, what do you like to spend your winnings on?

I’ve always left my winnings in my account to pay for future games. I have a long way to go before I reach my goal weight and will be playing dietbets for years to come, so it’s nice to know that my winnings will cover many of my future bets.

Do you have a favorite way to reward yourself for your hard work and progress?

My reward to myself used to be pizza, but since that’s one of my “trigger foods,” I try to avoid that. I’ve recently become obsessed with Funko Pop! Vinyl figures. They’re the coolest things I’ve ever seen! I now reward myself with a brand new figure when I reach my goal in a game. Yes, friends, it’s true. I’m a 44 year-old man and I collect dolls. Lol!

What’s your favorite breakfast (healthy or not!)?

My daily Body By Vi shake.  I absolutely love it!  A fresh banana and a handful of frozen strawberries tossed in with the base shake and it’s pure deliciousness!!

Any funny stories from Referee land?

When I first started as a DietBet Referee, I was verifying weigh-in photos and I came across a digital scale where the weight read something similar to 12: 8.4 . I had never seen this before and I thought the player was trying to weigh-in on a clock!  I thought that perhaps they had taken a clock from their wall, stood on it, and pretended it was a scale to mess with me. I was quite embarrassed to learn that it was in stone measurement.  That was the day I learned how to convert stone to pounds, and it’s something I laugh about to this very day! 

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Next time you email customer service, say hi! It may not be Jeff answering you, but it’ll definitely be someone from our amazing team.