Transformer Games: The “Round 5 Rule” Explained!

The definitive explanation of a little-known rule in our 6-month weight loss game.

Have you played in one of our Transformer games? If you have, congrats on making a serious commitment to a healthier you! If you haven’t, you might want to consider joining one—you’ll lose more weight than in our Kickstarters, plus you’ll have more chances to win money and a bigger payout at the end.

Whether you’ve played or not, you may have some questions about how Transformers work. The basic concept is simple—lose 10% in 6 months—but when you get into the details, it gets a little bit more complicated.

One rule that can cause some confusion is the “Round 5 Rule.” In this article, we hope to clear up any of that confusion and help you understand this important element of the game.

Transformer Overview

Our Transformer games are broken up into 6 one-month rounds, and each round has a different weight goal. This is to help you pace your weight loss over the course of the game, and to give you benchmarks along the way that keep you motivated and on track. Here’s the breakdown of the different round goals:

Round 1: 3%

Round 2: 6% of your initial weight

Round 3: 8% of your initial weight

Round 4: 9% of your initial weight

Round 5: 10% of your initial weight

Round 6: 10% of your initial weight

If you meet your goal, you split that round’s pot! (Want a different blog post explaining how the money works for the pots in each round? Let us know with a comment below!) If you haven’t met your round goal, you can skip the weigh in—and don’t worry, you’re still in the running to split the big pot at the end of the game.

That is, except for Round 5…

How Round 5 Is Different

When Round 5, the second-to-last round, comes to a close, everyone has to weigh in, even if you haven’t met the 10% goal.

If you have met the 10% goal, double congratulations! Not only do you get to split the Round 5 pot, but you also get to cruise through the last round in maintenance mode. Maintain your weight for four more weeks, and you get to split the grand prize! We set the game up this way so that you’d already be used to maintaining by the end of Round 6, helping you stick to your healthy habits and keep the weight off once the game ends.

If you didn’t make the Round 5 goal, you can still go for the 10% in the last round as long as you’ve lost at least 6% of your initial weight. If you’ve lost less than 6%, you’re no longer eligible to split the end-of-game pot, even if you get to 10% by the end of Round 6.

Why Round 5 Is Different

So what’s the reason for this rule? If you make the Round 6 goal, don’t you deserve to split the pot? As long as you lost the 10%, why the heck does it matter when you got to 6%?

In one word: safety.

If you’ve lost less than 6% by the end of Round 5, it means you need to lose 5% or more in a month. In our Kickstarter games, players lose 4% in a month, and this number is specifically chosen because it’s challenging without being too drastic. Losing more than that in a month puts too much stress on your body, not to mention that it likely requires dramatic weight loss measures that can be very unsafe.

DietBet exists because we’re on a mission to help people across the world become healthier and live their best possible lives. So it shouldn’t be any surprise that our number one priority is the health of our players—and that we see losing weight in a healthy way as just as important as losing weight at all.

You can reach your goals, and we’re here to help you reach them—in the safest, healthiest way possible.

Make it WayBetter

Got more questions about the Transformer or anything else? Let us know in the comments and we can explore in a future post!