WayBetter Rings in the Holidays in Style

'Tis the Season

This year, WayBetter decided to use the holidays as an excuse to fly in our remote team members and celebrate together! Referees and business development partners came in on planes, trains, and automobiles from all corners of the country (and Canada!) for a day at the WayBetter HQ, and then an evening out on the town with the team! It was a meaningful and productive day for everyone, and a fantastic and festive evening to top it off. Here are some highlights from the gift swap we had in our office (the saga of Matt's gift is a highlight), and the margarita-filled party afterward. Can't wait for next year!

Look what I got!

Ref Eric shows off his gift swap haul, while Ref Jenn and Controller Amy laugh.

Matt's Saga Begins!

VP of Business Development, Matt Daniels, carefully selects the gift he wants...

Matt loves his gift!

Matt is thrilled to receive a cast-iron skillet!

But not so fast!

The skillet is swiftly stolen by Zoe Pagonis, Business Development Manager. Matt is not happy.

Matt...loves his new gift?

But then Matt opens another gift, and gets...a fish lock?? Cool!

It's Partytime!

After the gift swap, the team headed down the street to get the real party started.

Cocktail Chatter

Guacamole and good conversation got the night started.


Team members toast to the evening!

Smiles all around!

CEO Jamie Rosen and his wife hanging out with VP of Marketing Alison Weick and her husband.

Team bonding!

Matt hangs with Ref's Tim and Eric.

Game Face!

Matt gets his head in the game, while Sean Conrad, VP Growth Marketing, looks on.

Photos by Alexis Pierro

Make it WayBetter

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