Amazing Pics from the DietBet that Took Instagram By Storm

Caroline Tusiuk’s Insanely Photogenic Game

Caroline Tusiuk is a Toronto-based athlete, bikini competitor, and holistic health coach. If you read her blog or follow her on Instagram, you’ll see that she’s super passionate about inspiring others to lose weight and get healthy—which made her a perfect candidate to host her first DietBet game last month.

It also makes perfect sense that as a host, she’d motivate players in her game to celebrate their healthy progress together, and share it with the world, in the form of photos. Early on in the game, she posted this in the activity feed:

Last but not least, let’s make this fun!!

Share photos of your meals and tips on what’s working for you! Share your struggles and let’s help each other out!! One of the lovely ladies in the challenge brought the idea up to me of having a #carolinesdietbet on Instagram as well if you wanted to upload stuff on there as well and be able to connect with each other over Instagram!

LOTS OF LOVE TO ALL OF YOU, I am so happy to be a part of your journey! Let’s get it!

Her players stepped up to the challenge, with the hashtag #carolinesdietbet popping up all over Instagram, accompanying photos of hunger-inducing healthy meals, epically inspiring workouts, and fitness milestones players achieved along the way to their goal.

We’ve rounded up some of our favorites here, but if you want to see the full array, head to Instagram and do a search for #carolinesdietbet!

"This week's meal prep is on fleek. I made chicken, quinoa with green onions and spinach, and boiled asparagus and broccoli." -@ranabeaini

"Running in the rain makes running actually bearable." -@melissamacha

“Late night treat. Bluebery bananaaaaaa smoothie. Gonna be up a while :) ” –@travelsinwonderland

"New form of cardio coming at you thanks to nature." -@_thiswhey

“Homemade protein bars with sprinkles (because, duh. Sprinkles make everything better). –@brunches_n_lunges

“Just the best lunch ever! *Chicken breast * camembert * carrot * hummus * gherkin *” –@healthygirlnz

“Mind/Matter.” –@gainsinwonderland 

"Happy #FlexFriday!” –@carissabernerfit

"Sprinkles of love in my breakfast! pre-workout meal: one mashed banana, raw oats, almond milk, chia seeds, coconut flakes, and berries :) " -@ranabeaini

“When you can’t even make it to your bed after legs…sit and admire your shoes.” -@_thiswhey

Make it WayBetter

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