Follow One Player's Transformer Transformation (VIDEO)

Chuck Fresco's DietBet Diary Series
Player Chuck Fresco is sharing his weight loss journey in real-time, and it's incredibly honest, funny, and refreshing.

Weight loss is an emotional, challenging, and--above all--personal journey. For many people, it's a journey they keep to themselves, whether because of embarassment about how they look, feelings of failure or frustration, or concern about what others might think. DietBet player Chuck Fresco is not one of those people.

On January 12th, he joined our High Stakes Transformer game. That very same day, he posted the first installment of what's to be a 26-week video series chronicling his journey. From the opening dance routine (seriously) to the hilarious touch at 7:09, Chuck infuses the video with a humor and candidness that's hard to come by in the weight loss world. With a pencil drawing of Tigger looking on in the background, Chuck shares his motivation for joining the game, his philosophy on betting big ("I'm one of those people who really likes to take a huge risk and see how it goes."), and the changes he hopes to see in the next six months.

(He also does a great job of explaining how our weigh-in process and Transformer games work, making this an awesome watch for DietBet newbies.)

His Transformer ends on July 11th, and he plans to post updates of his progress every week. We're so excited to follow Chuck and his infectious energy on this journey, and we hope you'll follow along with us!

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Follow along with us by checking back here every Thursday to see Chuck's progress, and show your support for him in the comments! We'll be tagging each blog post with "Chuck's Transformer."