Getting Back on the Horse (or Treadmill)

Referee Jenn shares how she got back on track after regaining some of her 200-pound weight loss.

Because I lost almost 200 pounds of my original weight, you may assume that I am an expert on losing weight and maintaining weight loss. This may shock you, but the truth is – I still struggle to make the right choices every day.

I grapple with things like portion control, late night snacking, skipping breakfast entirely. Combined, these daily struggles led to me gaining back about 55 pounds, which sadly happens to a lot of people who lose a significant amount of weight.

And you know what? It sucks.

I worked so hard for 20 months, and in just a few short months, I undid a lot of that work. I thought that I knew everything about fitness and diets, and that I could maintain my weight loss on my own without counting calories or sticking to a regular exercise schedule, but I was wrong. I’ve learned that I will probably need to portion out my food and count calories for the rest of my life—and finally accepted this new reality. If that's what it takes to lose the weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle, that’s what I will do.

While I was eating everything in sight and not moving off the couch, I found myself making so many excuses as to why I was doing the things I was doing (or not doing):

My son is too young for candy, but we have to go trick-or-treating. And I can’t just throw that Halloween candy away…”

“Oh well, it’s Thanksgiving – the holiday dedicated to eating! I can have a second helping of everything.”

“It’s a holiday – of course I can eat those Christmas cookies!”

“New Year’s only comes but once a year – it’s okay to celebrate with a bunch of appetizers and alcohol!”

Sound familiar? I know it’s easy to make excuses for celebrations, holidays, and parties—but in truth, these are the times that test us the most. And I failed. Miserably.

But instead of letting myself wallow in self-pity and gain even more back, I am more determined than ever to lose the weight that I regained and keep going on my weight loss journey. It is certainly not easy, but I am so excited to get back out there and start living my life!

I joined a local 24-hour gym, and after going a few times now I’m remembering how much I enjoy those post-workout endorphins. It honestly feels like you can do anything the moment you step outside of the gym! I have desperately missed the amount of energy that I used to have, and I am slowly gaining that back more and more. The plan right now is to do just a little bit more each time I go to the gym to slowly build up my endurance to where it was 6+ months ago.

When I first stepped back on the treadmill after taking my sabbatical, I could only do about 15 minutes without getting so out of breath that I had to stop. I know that I have a long way to go, but I am happy to report that at the gym today, I was able to do 6 miles on the bike, 1 mile on the elliptical and 2.2 miles on the treadmill! And this is just the beginning, as I plan to keeping increasing my intensity, time, resistance, and incline on all the equipment to get an even better workout. The other thing I want to do is add in strength training, which is super important and something I completely skipped in my first go-around. I have an appointment with the trainer this week to develop a customized workout for my goals, and I am so excited!

As I slowly get into a normal exercise routine, it’s time to turn to the other two things that really helped my weight loss: counting calories and joining a new DietBet game! I love using handy apps on my phone to track my food (like MyFitnessPal or SparkPeople) so that I don’t have any excuses not to count my calories with every meal.

Once I get back into the swing of counting everything, then it’s time to join a Transformer game. I personally love Transformer Games. I love being able to have both short-term goals for each month and the long-term goal of 10% in 6 months. Not to mention, the payouts are really nice in a Transformer! Can’t wait to join a new game and get back into the healthy lifestyle that I’ve been missing!

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Make it WayBetter

Jenn was honest with herself and identified the excuses she was using. Arm yourself against slipping by thinking about the excuses you turn to, and writing them down!