How One Player Bounced Back (Plus Her Top 3 Tips to Win Your DietBet)

Laura Jones lost 150 pounds, but the weight started creeping back. Here's how she turned it around.

Laura Jones (DietBet user “Big Lou”) lost an incredible 150 pounds over 10 years with a tried-and-true focus on calories in and calories out, cutting back her food intake and increasing exercise.

But then, as it often does, the weight started to creep back.

“I was actually miserable at my lowest weight, 150 pounds, and found it unsustainable,” she said. “As my weight slowly came back on, I found myself re-evaluating my goals and decided that 175 was a more reasonable maintenance weight. Since the scale was then up to 205, I had 30 pounds to lose to be comfortable again.”

After half-heartedly starting, and inevitably stopping, various weight loss efforts, Laura heard about DietBet on Jillian Michaels’ Facebook page.

“When I first looked at it, I thought ‘that is insane, but, it just might work!’” she said.  “I was too chicken at first, but it really stuck with me, and after a couple of days I finally decided to go for it and signed up.”

Just going for it paid off, quite literally: Laura played in two games, the four-week FitFusion and a six-month Transformer, and ended up winning $160.95 while losing 29.3 pounds!

“It was just the right level of incentive without pressure,” she said. “The money was not enough that I’d be devastated if I lost, but it was just enough of a motivator to keep me from slipping.”

Laura found the games kept her accountable and helped her focus on cutting her calories and upping her exercise. It also helped keep her small slip-ups small, rather than having them derail her efforts: where indulging at a friend’s wedding might have previously set her back for a week or more, the DietBet games gave Laura the push to get right back on track.

“The great thing about DietBet is it gives you a framework and deadline for your weight loss,” she explained. “Once you commit, you can’t put it off—you have to start working, and keep working, to hit your goals. I knew how to lose the weight, and DietBet gave me the momentum to actually do it.”

One unexpected source of inspiration Laura found was cheering for other players. “When people would post about their struggles and I could help, that would motivate me because it reminded me of what I know and encouraged me to contribute to the community,” she said. “Because even though it’s a competition, it’s not a competition. We’re all in this together. Everyone’s supportive and you’re part of a community.”

With a third game now under her belt (“I gained five pounds back on vacation and just needed a push to take it off again!”), Laura has some helpful tips for greener DietBetters:

  1. Choose a plan and follow it. This is not necessarily a time to experiment and try the newest diet fad—do something simple and proven.
  2. Download the DietBet app. Anytime you need inspiration or motivation, you can easily check in and plug into the community.
  3. Keep 3x5 cards and a marker right by your scale so you’re always ready to efficiently weigh in.

Laura’s DietBet success story is one that will surely help motivate anyone out there ready to make a change. And once they decide to go for it, there’s no doubt that Laura will be cheering them on the whole way.

Individual results may vary from success stories.