I Gained Back What I Lost on Biggest Loser, But I'm More Determined Than Ever

Ali Vincent lost big on TV in front of millions of people - but life wasn't picture-perfect after the cameras turned off. Here's her story.

Some of you may know me from being on Biggest Loser back in 2007-2008. I was the first female to win the show by losing 112 pounds. I went from 47.86% body fat down to 11% body fat in 5 1/2 months.

For me, my final weight was not healthy and certainly wasn’t a weight I planned on maintaining. At the end of the season, I trained for the finale the way that bodybuilders train for competition - in fact, I got my meal plan from a body builder friend of mine at the time. The meal plan alone was enough for me to realize I could NEVER live that lifestyle for an extended period of time.

After Biggest Loser, I knew that I had changed in so many positive ways. I had learned so much about planning in order to have success. My grandpa had always said when I was growing up “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail,” but I hadn’t really grasped the idea fully until I had such a challenging goal.

For years after the show, I was able to maintain a healthy weight. Then in 2014, I had a traumatic experience. I was assaulted during a massage. Not knowing how to deal with it, I didn’t.

Shortly after, I got engaged and spent the next year or so busy planning my wedding. I was so busy I was able to block out dealing with different things, the assault being one of them. After my wedding, we moved (which changed up my routine that had worked for so long), I tried unsuccessfully to get pregnant, and I started to gain weight.

I won’t say that anything in particular caused this, but I started getting depressed. I knew I needed to deal with everything I hadn’t and get motivated, but I couldn’t. I ended up gaining between 60-70 pounds in just about a year.

I hated my body that was violated. I was mad at my body that couldn’t get pregnant. I subconsciously sabotaged everything that I had worked so hard for. I wanted to disappear.

The only times I really had any success or motivation during this time was when I hosted DietBets. The accountability and support allowed me to focus on me at the different times and be kind to myself. I love the camaraderie and support.

I know that this is the journey of the rest of my life. I am pulling myself out of depression by taking action, going back to the basics, and keeping my word to myself.

I’m excited and honored to be hosting a 6-month Transformer DietBet that starts November 8th. Although the 4-week Kickstarter DietBets are great, to have 6 months of support and encouragement while challenging each other is EXACTLY what I’m looking for. I hope you will join me. xo-Ali

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