The Little Group That Could: Weigh to Go Turns 1!

Way to go, guys :)

If you’ve ever looked for a group to join on DietBet, chances are you’ve seen the Weigh to Go group. It’s the first group listed, and the profile picture—a cheeky and motivating quote from Babe Ruth—certainly grabs your attention. Plus once you click into it, you’re met with a diverse and active community who post in the group at least every few hours. The posts range from silly to poignant to informational to straight-up venting…and each one is met by a flurry of supportive comments.

Created exactly one year ago by DietBet player Brenda, the group today boasts 456 enthusiastic members who have collectively won $139,714.65 and lost 5,793.4 pounds. In honor of Weigh to Go’s one-year birthday, we reached out to Brenda to find out a bit more about the group. Here’s what she had to say:

How did the Weigh to Go group get started?

I started the group on August 2, 2015 because I wanted to create a community of support for people, even if they weren't in an active bet, or they were between bets. I had been in about 12 bets up to that point, and knew Dietbet pretty well, so I felt confident that I could managed, encourage, and support a group.

Tell me a bit about the players in the group and your relationships with each other.

We are all contributors to the group...We are super supportive and friendly, and constantly have each other's backs through "thick and thin." I don't think any of us have met in real life, but we sure have gotten to know each other well, and share pictures of our home, pets, and favorite hiking and biking trails.

What are some of the ways that the group has helped its members during their weight loss journeys?

I try to post a new challenge each month. We contribute ideas, photos, and support to each other related to the challenge. Sometimes it is exercise related, sometimes it is related to water consumption, new recipes, or sometimes weight loss related. I usually ask the group what their interests are for the next month, and then I select an idea and then manage motivational and check-in posts in order to keep the challenge going. Sometime I create a theme or challenge based on the general or recent topics of conversations. This month we have a "Try It You'll Like it" Challenge, where the group has committed to trying one new thing this month related to their weight loss or maintenance.

What was the original goal of the group, and has that goal changed at all?

We still have the same goal: support.

What do you hope for the future of the group?

To continue that support for each other, and to grow the group even larger so there are even more voices, posts, and ideas on the page every day.

Anything else you'd like to tell us about the group?

This is a very active group. We have grown from one member (me) to 450 in one year!!! As a matter of fact, we hit out 450th member on the exact date of our one year anniversary!

One of the challenges that I was most proud of was the December Charity Challenge. Last December, we all stated an exercise goal, and how much we would contribute to charity for each minute or mile of exercise. We logged the exercise on our own home calendars with stickers. It was phenomenal how much money each person earned for the charity of their choice....hundreds of dollar in all. We're a pretty great group, and that is an example of why....oh, and we are all pretty sticker crazy! We love to make colorful and fun sticker calendars to track our progress! I personally have had a sticker calendar going for the last two years straight!

Make it WayBetter

What better way to make your DietBet experience--and healthy lifestyle journey--better than by joining the Weigh to Go group today?