Love, Sweat, and Fitness: Katie Dunlop’s Story

How Letting Go of Losing Weight Transformed Katie Dunlop’s Body
katie dunlop

The burritos at 2 AM were the real culprit. Well, to be fair, they had some accomplices…extra cheese, lots of bread, college drinking. But let’s blame those 2 AM burritos.

The burritos in question were the late-night snack choice of Katie Dunlop during her college years. And whether that translates to midnight pizza or 11AM cookies or 8PM cartons of ice cream, you can probably relate. Though if we’re being honest here, these are really just scapegoats for a whole lifestyle of unhealthiness that rears its head in all sorts of bad habits...and extra pounds.

It’s a pattern that Katie Dunlop recognizes well, and one that she fought against for many years. Trying a laundry list of different weight loss programs and drastic cleanses, her weight yoyo-ed dramatically up and down over the course of high school, college, and beyond. Something would work, then she'd gain it all back and feel discouraged and depressed. And then the whole cycle would repeat.

She desperately wanted to lose weight, and if you asked her why, she could tell you in a heartbeat: to look like the women in magazines and other thin girls around her.

“It wasn’t even really about being fit—it was about being skinny,” Katie says. “My goal and my focus was always about my body, and it was always trying to look like someone else.”

But after having her “A-ha!” moment, she realized that her yoyo dieting needed to change—and so did her motivation. In the video below, she tells the whole story of how she lost 45 pounds, changed her mindset, and transformed her life.

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