Why I DietBet

Players Share What Motivates Them
Everyone comes to DietBet for a different reason. What's yours?

When a player joins DietBet, we ask them the question, “Why are you trying to lose weight?” At first glance, it seems like a simple question with only a handful of possible answers. After all, weight loss is similar for everyone in many ways: the frustrating setbacks, the little triumphs, the daily search for the motivation to keep going. But each weight loss journey is also 100% unique, and the responses from our players are infinitely varied—and often pretty darn inspiring. Here are some of our very favorites:

Love Yourself

These players know that true self-improvement comes from a place of love and respect for yourself:

“I want to look and feel beautiful and confident. After all, I was born with great purpose. It's time to shine that light!” –Happy Girl

“Time to start believing in myself, working hard, eating right, and being healthy!” -Franki

“Love your body TODAY, meanwhile work to be healthy tomorrow!” -Claudia

“Because i deserve to live a healthy life :)” -Kate and Kristin

Try the Poetic Approach

Plain prose wasn’t enough for these DietBet wordsmiths:

“To help roll back the hands of time.”

-Dr. Scott

“I do not want my life cut short because of the weight. I am only 30. I want to LIVE. ‘Progress is impossible without change and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.’ ~George Bernard Shaw.”


“Every day should be lived with greatness.
Every breath is an opportunity to breath in joy.
Every moment is not small, but is bliss.
Kindness is to be given
Words are to empower.
The gifts are within.
Love is contagious
smile, you are here.”

Julie Lama

Laugh It Up

You know what they call weight loss without humor? Miserable.

“To stay healthy and avoid the need to buy bigger pants”


“I want to run faster and wear the pretty dresses. Not necessarily at the same time.”

-Sonja S.

“Preparing for the zombie apocalypse :)”


Kick Obstacles to the Curb

When life gave these dietbetters lemons, they said, “Awesome! Lemon water helps with weight loss!”

“I am battling hypothyroid, Hashimoto’s disease, and polycystic ovarian syndrome, and I am constantly looking for new ways to motivate me to keep in shape when my body is constantly against me.” -LaLa

“As a T1 Diabetic with Diabetic Neuropathy who also has fibromyalgia, I am doing this to improve my HEALTH and to be an inspiration for my grandkids.” -Ree

“For health! I am a lupus warrior and a thyroid cancer survivor and I have two beautiful daughters that need me for future grandbabies!” –Dina A.

Get Empowered

These players know their goals, and they know they can get there.

Achieve your potential.

-Vegan Warrior

"Be fit. Be Strong. Be Confident."


Ready to change my life. No more excuses!

-Jamie S.

Make it WayBetter

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