Zero Calorie Foods + Chuck's Latest Weigh-In

It's almost the end of Round 2 and Chuck Fresco is back to share his progress (and some healthy eating tips)!
weight loss transformation

It’s the eighth episode of Chuck Fresco’s dietbet video blog series, and he is keeping the energy high and the vibe fun by starting off with a pretty sweet dance beat (seriously, Chuck—where’d you get that jam?).

From there, he delivers his take on the alluring if dubious notion of zero calorie foods, sharing his top 5 “food fillers” along with tips for when, where, and how to incorporate them into your life.

And of course, Countington makes an appearance at the end—in a far more dramatic fashion than we’ve seen before. It’s the last weigh-in before the end of Round 2, so stay tuned to the end to see if Chuck is on track to make his goal!

Miss last week? Catch up now!

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