24 Inspiring Responses to the Question: What Are You Grateful For?

DietBetters and StepBetters give thanks for where they are on their healthy journeys, and for the things that got them there.

On our health & fitness journeys, it’s easy to get wrapped up in the “end” goal and fixate on all that you have left to achieve, rather than recognizing all that you already have. Goals are great…but if you never stop to be grateful for your progress, you’re missing out on an amazing opportunity for joy, motivation, and even some weight loss benefits!

That’s why this November, the month of Thanksgiving, we’ve been focusing on celebrating all that we’re grateful for right now!

In this spirit, we had a special Grateful Giveaway going on over on our Facebook page earlier this month. We encouraged our community to share the things they’re grateful for as they work toward their weight loss and fitness goals, and what we got back was touching, funny, and truly inspiring.

Here’s a roundup of some of the wonderful outpourings of gratitude that came in:

Friends & Family

“I am thankful for all of my families. First, my children and grandchildren for whom I strive to be healthier so that I can enjoy spending quality time with them. For my family of friends that walk with me or compliment me on my changes which keeps the drive alive within me. And finally, for my newfound Fitbit challenge group friends whose challenges, comments, and inspirations have helped me get through some really tough days and either stay on track or get back on track, they mean more than any of them will ever know.” -Melony

“I am grateful for those who support me during this journey…from those who work out with me to those who show me what I don’t want to do…right down to those who unknowingly sabotage me…I’m thankful for the strength and determination it gives me!” –Kimberly

“I am thankful for my children, as they are the reason I am doing this. I want to be able to play outside with them, instead of being too tired and just wanting to sit while they play. I’m thankful for my husband telling me every day how beautiful I am.” –Renee

“I’m grateful for my dad. He taught me to fish and instilled in me a love of motorcycles and fast cars. He put up with me through the years and he’s my best friend. He’s also super health conscious and isn’t afraid to call me out when I get lazy or start eating poorly. I’m forever thankful for him.” –Jade

“I am grateful for my daughters, who make me want to be healthier so I can spend more time with them.” -Reche

“I’m grateful for my partner in life Bob Thompson! He supports me in our food choices at home and out, in our fitness, and mindfulness during these stressful times! He’s the best thing I could ever have to succeed in losing weight, reaching my goals, and maintaining a daily peaceful flow.” -Casey

Healthy Progress

“I am thankful that I can fit into regular size clothes now!!” –Megan

“I’m grateful for feeling stronger, healthier, and more confident in myself. I know I will continue to make the right decisions for a healthy lifestyle. No more yo-yo dieting!” –Julie

“I am thankful that I am feeling much better than I had been. My sugar levels have been in the 80’s and 90’s upon waking each morning and I am not feeling sluggish without good reason. Although my weight hasn’t changed much, I am so thankful that my body has changed in many ways.” -Angie

“I am grateful for my increased energy that has allowed me to participate in life! I have missed out on so much but am playing catch-up now.” –Jen

“So grateful that I have legs to run with, arms to lift with, and a gorgeous wife (and a couple of great kids) to do life with. My extended family is amazing, and life is good.” –Brian

Food & Fitness

“I am thankful for my Zumba ladies. We call ourselves the Back Row Booty Shakers, or BRBS for short. We come from all walks of life, but Zumba has brought us together, both inside & outside of class.” –Carissa

“Greek yogurt I substitute when craving ice cream, and the after-workout rush!” –Alicia

“On my healthy journey, I’m grateful for the abundance of available healthy fruits and vegetables to fuel my life. Our ancestors weren’t as lucky as we are…and many other people aren’t as fortunate as I am. I’m blessed.” –Vera

“I’m grateful for runner’s high…every darn day.” –Salina

“I’m grateful that I can grow my own vegetables, which are helping me maintain good health and a good weight.” -Chris

DietBet & StepBet

“I’m forever grateful that when I reached my most frustrated state, I happened upon an article that mentioned DietBet…and from there I found StepBet. All these months later, I am living my life in a healthy, active state. I tell everyone I know about the accountability that StepBet and DietBet have afforded me. And as long as I’m walking and eating, I’ll be signing on for more StepBets and DietBets, even in the maintaining process. The accountability is PRICELESS! Thank you, DietBet/StepBet. My life and my family are changed for the better because of this!” –Brooke

“I am grateful that I found DietBet. It has been extremely motivating. I am also grateful that during this process, I have lost over 50 lbs. I’m looking forward to meeting my next goals, and with DietBet, I know I can!” –A’shanta

“I am grateful for the acceptance and love I’ve gotten from the stepper community and the fitness community. No matter your goals, no matter your progress, no matter your background—everyone is so inspirational, supportive, and KIND!” –Holly

“Every time I have started a weight loss journey it has failed, and I know now it is because I made that journey alone with little support and no accountability. I am very grateful for all the support DietBet has afforded me, especially within the communities and my Transformer game. Hearing from real people has been amazing, and I am so thankful for their inspirational posts and blogs.” –Liesl

“I’m grateful that I stumbled upon DietBet, which made me want to keep trying to be healthy and lose weight. Grateful for all the wonderful people on here.” -Sophia


“I’m grateful that I’m slowly learning that only I can change myself and my situation. I’m becoming more self-reliant and trying so hard to believe in myself and that I can do this. I’ve realized I need to be my own advocate.” –Katie

“I am grateful that I am alive, still have a chance to make positive changes in myself, so I can accomplish the things I want in life. Weight issues hold me back from fully realizing my goals, my priority is to choose to do the next right thing. Love and honor who I am, right here and now.” –DeeDee

“I am grateful for being able to forgive myself and start new whenever I fall off my path, I’m grateful for being able to create a path that suits me and my needs. I’m grateful there’s not a cookie cutter way to get healthy!” -Brittany

Make it WayBetter

Make a new rule: every time you think a discouraging thought about your progress, think of one thing you're grateful for. If it helps, write it down!