7 Transition Clothing Essentials for Weight Loss!

Fashion doesn't need to fall by the wayside when you're in-between sizes.

So you are having some success with DietBet… but you are anticipating more! Your clothes don’t fit quite as snugly as they did a month ago, but you expect them to get even looser—so what are you supposed to wear in the meantime? I’ve noticed that my clothes are hanging a little baggy, which is wonderful, but I don’t want to run out and spend money on new stuff when I’m not at my goal weight yet.

Dressing well as you transition between sizes is a good problem to have, but it’s still a problem. Luckily, there are solutions! Here’s a list of essentials to keep on hand when you are in-between your former weight and your goal weight!

1. Cute belts!

So many pants and dresses can be made cute at a variety of sizes with the addition of a good belt. Keep an eye out for ones that are eye-catching and for a few brown-and-black stand-bys that can keep everything looking fitted the way you like.

2. Poncho-style sweaters.

Hear me out on these, even if you aren’t usually a poncho person!, A sweater with a lot of give in it looks good on a wide range of shapes. If you see one in a store, try it on and see how you like it.

3. Leggings with stretch to them.

If you want to show off those slimming legs, grab some leggings that aren’t too tight now but that are stretchy enough to accommodate further weight loss. They don’t have to be the centerpiece of your outfit, especially if you have a bright dress or top.

4. Flowy tops for formal occasions.

There’s an art to picking a new loose top that will look good now but will not hang like a sack on you after you lose a little more weight. These can still be really slimming and flattering; just choose them a tiny bit tighter than optimal, and the looseness of the fabric will give you a slightly different look when the time comes!

5. Scarves and hats.

Want something that will look good at any size? Treat yourself to a new scarf or hat. While winter is on it’s way, it’ll keep you a little warmer, and if you still are in transition in the spring, you can always switch to more delicate scarves and light hats or headbands.

6. Items from younger days.

Check any old, packed-away clothes you have from another time, especially if you were your current size at some point in the past. You never know if there are perfect-fitting treasures in your attic until you check; even if they looked different on younger you, you might discover an old top that gets new life.

7. One or two form-fitting splurges.

Whether it be a skirt, pants, or top, pick something that lets you really feel the changes you’ve made. Sure, it’s not the whole package yet, but you’ll get a few months wear out of that item and you’ll want to wear it again and again (it’s the only thing in your closet that fits your current figure!). It’s important to celebrate your hard work along the way, not just once you reach the end of your weight loss journey!

While it’s not ideal to be in between sizes of clothes, with some creativity and a few essentials, you don’t have to totally revamp your wardrobe to look good. You can slowly add versatile pieces to your wardrobe to ease the transition into what may eventually look like a totally different “you!”

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