8 Reasons You Should Be Grateful for Your Body TODAY

No matter where you are on your journey, your body deserves some serious credit.

We give our bodies a hard time. Not only do we put them through a lot physically—lack of sleep, tough workouts, yo-yo dieting, a few too many glasses of wine—but we’re also hard on them emotionally.

If you’re like most of us, chances are you think a whole lot of negative thoughts about your body every day: Ugh, my stomach looks so big in these pants. Why can’t I run faster? I hate how short my legs are. How am I hungry ALREADY??

Sound familiar?

When you’re on a journey to change how your body looks and feels, it can seem counterintuitive to embrace and celebrate your body for what it is now. But the truth is, no matter how close you are to your fitness or weight loss goal, your body is a marvel and does amazing things for you day in and day out—and being grateful for it can even have a positive effect on your weight loss!

With Thanksgiving around the corner, it’s the perfect opportunity to recognize and give thanks for all that your body does for you. And maybe, just maybe, to carry this gratitude with you throughout the year.

8 Things to Thank Your Body For

1. Your muscles let you move, explore, and dance.

2. Your immune system fights off germs every single day, keeping you healthy and disease-free. When a nasty bug overcomes your body's defenses, it works extra hard to fight it off and return you to health as fast as possible.

3. Your digestive system takes in all the various healthy and unhealthy things you put inside it, digests them, absorbs nutrients, turns food into fuel, and expels what it does not need.

4. Your body sleeps! Your body’s need for rest allows you to have the glorious daily joy of sinking into a comfortable bed, snuggling up under your pillows, and saying buh-bye to all your worries for at least a few hours.

5. Your ears let you hear and experience the joy of music.

6. Your eyes let you see all the beauty that exists around you, in nature and cities and other people.

7. Your heart is beating and your lungs are breathing, which means that your body can wake up every morning. Despite everything, the world is still a beautiful place and life is a gift. And every day, your body lets you get out there and experience it!

8. Your body is yours, and yours alone. It is uniquely you, and it carries with it all that you have experienced in your life, and all that has made you who you are. Nobody will ever have a body that is precisely like yours—and that makes yours pretty darn special.

Make it WayBetter

Thank your body, and inspire others to do the same, by commenting below with a reason that you’re grateful for your body!