5 Tips to Fall In Love with Your Fitness Routine

Workout out doesn't have to be a chore. Make your life easier, lighter, and more fun by falling in love with your fitness routine!

“I hate exercise. I mean, nobody likes it,” I was saying to my boyfriend. “No one wants to go to the gym and sweat for an hour.” I looked at him expectantly, knowing full well he would agree.

Because I was totally right.

“That’s not true,” he said. “I like to exercise. Lots of people like to exercise.”

There’s always one bad apple in the bunch, right?

So I’ll amend my previous statement: Not everyone likes to workout. Not everyone enjoys the process of concentrated movement in order achieve the goal of a better body. We all enjoy the better body part. The “live longer and healthier” potential. But, I have about a million things I’d rather do than exercise for an hour or two everyday… like plan picnics, drink coffee at the bookstore, or search for the perfect side tables for our bedroom.

However, even I realize that my love for anything that isn’t exercise won’t help my back end.

Over the years, evasion tactics have become my thing. I was avoiding something I needed to do for my health… because I didn’t love it.

Like, at all.

So, I needed to figure out a way to fall in love with my exercise routine. After some soul searching, reality checking, and an acceptance for my overall dislike of organized fitness in the gym format, I came up with these 5 rules for loving your path to fitness:

1. Enthusiasm = Commitment

While the gym might be convenient (there seems to be one on every corner), for many it’s completely lackluster in the stimulation department. If you’re one of those people, make a list of every physical activity that’s ever remotely interested you. Ice skating? Why not?! Horseback riding? Absolutely! Boxing? Self-defense and cardio all in one! The point of being active is to get moving—but you can also make it something you look forward to. Who knows, you may end up cultivating some latent super talent you didn’t know about. Treat yourself to something fun, different, and special. Life is hard enough—make your exercise fun.

2. You + Athleisure

Nothing says I’m not excited like an old pair of gym shorts. Buy yourself something cute to get sweaty in. It may sound silly, but looking amazing will give you energy. Nasty gym clothes don’t fit with your new attitude and your new personality that proclaims “I LOVE EXERCISE!!” The trendy factor is limitless for both men and women—every store across America has joined the fashionable “athleisure” movement, so you won’t have a hard time finding incredible workout gear.

3. Move over Taco Tuesday, It’s Waterski Wednesday!

Nothing wears you down like monotony. While a lot of people subscribe to one specific kind of athletic activity, that doesn’t work for all of us. Change it up. Who says you can’t do yoga on Monday, ride your bike on Tuesday and learn how to waterski on Wednesday evening? So long as you’re moving and burning calories, it doesn’t matter what form of activity you’re practicing. You’ll fall in love with variety instead of getting worn down by monotony.

4. Get Shorty

There’s no hard and fast rule about the length of time per workout. Sometimes, the best thing you can do is to cut it short. Even if it’s a quickie, you’re still getting your heart rate up, still moving, and still breaking a sweat. Plus, giving yourself an “out” to end early also makes you more likely to work out when you’re not feeling it…and more often than not, once you get going you’ll end up wanting to get in a full session! You know that feeling of elation you have when your boss says you can cut out of work early on a gorgeous Friday afternoon? Treat yourself by doing the same with your exercise! You need to get your work done in order to receive the big payoff, but you can knock off early every once in a while.

5. You + Me + Her + Him + Aunt Betty + my neighbor, Ted

More people equals more laughs. Communities and local organizations regularly put together fun runs, bike rides, and walks, making it super convenient take part in community fitness. There also seems to be a new trend of local breweries sponsoring athletic nights where everyone exercises together—you hoof it through the neighborhood and back to the brewery for a refreshing regional beverage (and you’re supporting a local business)! The bottom line is, exercise doesn’t have to be a solitary activity. Make getting fit a social expedition! Invite friends to get involved and encourage each other by simply being together.

Making exercise a sustainable process is something most people struggle with. However, if you’re willing to think out of the box (gym) and create variety with friends and activities, you’re far more likely to stick with a lifelong commitment. Besides, the gym is always there… for winter time. And rain days.

Make it WayBetter

Another pro-tip for injecting more fun into any workout: amazing music. Create a workout playlist with all the songs that move your feet, pump you up, make you feel good. Every time you add a new song, you'll get excited for your next sweat sesh!