8 Innovative Ways to Keep Moving When the Snow’s Piling Up

What to do when the weather outside is frightful - but you still gotta get your fitness on.

Winter can be a time for being sedentary because it’s just so hard to get outside, get to the gym, or move quickly – it’s like the cold gets into our bones! To fight that feeling—and fight the wintertime fitness slump that so many of us fall into—here’s a combination of indoor and outdoor activities that’ll keep you moving toward your goals even as the snow piles up outside:

1. Namast’ay Inside

Yoga videos are perfect for when you’re getting a little stir-crazy – they combine relaxation and meditation with the strenuous twists and holds that make yogis so strong and flexible.

2. Cabin-Fever Cardio

Aerobics standbys like jumping jacks, burpees, lunges, and squats will quickly have you limbered up and can be done in small quantities or large; see if you can do a few more each day you are snowed in!

3. Ab-solutely No Excuses

If you aren’t making actual snow angels, try some abdominal workouts on the floor by slowly lifting your legs straight up and lowering them again, all while maintaining control. You’ll engage all your muscles and feel your mid-section like never before!

4. Clear a Path for Fitness

You know you should be doing it, and it definitely is exercise, so make snow shoveling more of a workout than a chore! If you have two shovels and extra hands, turn it into a sport or a race, and you’ll be amazed how fast you are sweating inside your snowsuit.

5. Snowball Fiiiight!!

If martial arts is enough to get you in gear, think about how much a no-holds-barred snowball fight will work you out! It will be the thrill of whoever you challenge, be it a kid or a coworker, and you’ll feel young again even as you are huffing and puffing.

6. Your Living Room > Planet Fitness

Now, more than ever before, is a great time to dust off the old exercise bike, treadmill, or set of weights you have somewhere in your house. If you don’t have any, ask around and see if any friends have unused exercise equipment you can borrow till it gets nicer outside. The trek to the gym may seem long, but the trek to the living room can be much easier and still give you the chance to move and build muscle.

7. Bust a Move!

I personally favor the pajama-clad dance party on your own when you feel the winter blues setting in, though not everyone is comfortable shimmying while they cook up breakfast. Even just putting on upbeat music while cleaning out the mudroom or doing your laundry will make you work quicker and thus burn more calories.

8. Plan for Progress

Now’s a great time to set goals for when the weather does get better, so as you plan the indoor activities you can do now, also think about how you’ll add more rigorous gym workouts and outdoor sports or running in the spring. It’ll give you something to work toward and look forward to—plus, being goal-oriented makes the winter not seem so long!

Make it WayBetter

List some of the things you love about winter and see how you can make them active – watching a beloved movie while on a stationary bike instead of curled up on the couch, for instance! If you really don’t like winter, see if you can use creative activities to make your least favorite parts more pleasant and more active!