Celeb Trainer Lacey Stone's 5 Keys to Turning Your Workouts (+ Life) Around

To get the most of you workouts, it's important to think about more than just what moves you'll do. Celebrity trainer Lacey Stone shares the 5 keys that transformed her both her workouts and her life.
lacey stone

1. Visualize.

I wanted desperately to be a one of the Top Fitness Professionals in Los Angeles. At the time, I had just moved to L.A. for my relationship—leaving a wildly successful fitness career in New York. When my wife and I broke up, I felt a lot of resentment for having left the city I loved for a marriage that didn’t last. I also thought that my success as a top trainer in the Big Apple would transition into the City of Angels. However, anyone who's moved from New York to Los Angeles knows..that's a HARD switch. Los Angeles doesn't care if you were successful in NY; in fact (as I learned very early on) if you bring it up, it works against you. Needless to say, I'd put on some weight due to my stress level.

Here's what I did: When I was on the treadmill or teaching at Flywheel, which had just opened, I’d visualize the body I and career I wanted. I thought of my body as a shield of armour to protect me from a town that can be rather toxic if you don’t have a supportive group of friends around you. I would visualize how I would move, how people would respond to me, and what it would feel like to teach a class full of people who understood my passion (feelings that I knew all to well). I visualized what it would be like to be a top trainer in this new city. 

2. Think Big

Beyond picturing how you want your body to move and look, expand your visualization to include the whole scope of your life. Have a dream while you’re working out, and think about the dream as if it were a reality. It’s proven that your brain doesn’t know the difference between reality and visualization; if you can picture your vision clearly and often enough, I promise it'll will happen. Train your brain, not only your body in your workouts.

Every day I visualized it all: how my life would be different,and why my workouts on the treadmill and in class were more than just a “workout.” My workouts were and still are designed to set the tone for what’s possible in life if you’re brave enough to face your fears. 

3. Music Matters

Every couple of days, I would download new music onto my iPod. Music I loved. I would look forward to my workouts because they meant I could listen to the music. If you need new music ideas, follow me on Spotify! I’m constantly adding new playlists.

4. Location, Location, Location!

I'm not talking about where your gym is: I'm talking about where YOU are in your gym. I always picked a treadmill that was in front of a mirror. In my classes, which were empty at first, I'd find a couple people in the class who understood what I was trying to do. In L.A., if you’re not “popular/trendy” you’re not “cool"…I've found that it’s harder to succeed in Los Angeles than in New York fitness, because people in L.A. are more likely to follow trends than seek out effective workouts. Meaning if it’s not in magazines with celebs, people don’t go. Flywheel at the time was fourth to the spin market behind Equinox/Cycle House/Soul Cycle. That's some heavy competition. Today we’re PACKED, but we weren’t in the beginning.

So during workouts, I looked in that mirror when I ran or at those students who believed in my potential, and never gave up on my vision of the body and the life I wanted in LA. I looked into my eyes and promised myself that I was going to do this. I saw my body working sooo hard, trying to get to a new level of fitness. I promised my body I wasn’t going to put bad food into it, I wasn’t going to drink lots of alcohol. I was putting all of this effort and sweat into my body and my life. My body deserved the pay off. I promised myself that it would happen, that it was coming. People even asked me, "What are you doing on that treadmill for so long, why are you giving so much in your classes?" My response was: You'll see. 

5. The Workout 

I did one-hour treadmill interval workouts, 45-minute Flywheel classes, and lifted weights 2 times per week. I got a heart rate monitor and used it to be certain I was giving my best every time I stepped foot in the gym. 

Three years later, I have the body I visualized was possible. My Flywheel classes are full with teams of devoted students, I was voted the Top Trainer in Los Angeles by ClassPass, and on a personal level, I met a special someone who I love. I’m living proof that if you dream it…You can make it so.

What are you going to devote to visualization until you make it so? Nothing's too big or small. All you have to do is be consistent and keep on believing.

Make it WayBetter

Spend some time putting your visualization on paper. Besides cultivating workouts that promote your end goals, write down or draw out those goals in a journey. Being able to refer back to them will keep you on track.