Dietbetters 7 Best Tricks to Get Motivated to Work Out

What do dietbetters do when they really, REALLY don't want to exercise? They push through anyway. Here's how!
motivation to work out

Good intentions without follow-through are like cars that are too fancy to drive: sure they look nice, but they’re not getting your butt where it needs to be. Unfortunately when it comes to working out, a lot of us have several garages full of Ferraris.  

Maybe you joined a gym, or signed up a bootcamp, or downloaded the latest P90x program, but when it’s time to actually lace up those sneakers and get going, sometimes you just don’t want to. Like, really don’t want to.

Fortunately, dietbetters have an abundance of tips and tricks to conjure up motivation where none seems to exist. Here are some of our favorite player techniques to push through that workout when it sounds about as enticing as a root canal:

1. Make a Plan with a Friend

“I knew I wouldn’t be motivated enough to hit a 6 AM spin class without a friend, so I texted a pal who is getting back into working out after surgery. I was nervous to try 6 AM spin, since I usually do my spin classes in the evening after I’m hydrated and fueled…but it was AWESOME. The class itself wasn’t anything special, but the wonderful endorphins from seeing my pal first thing in the morning AND getting in a great workout before work made it awesome.”


2. Promise Yourself a Mini-Reward

“I LOVE Hershey’s chocolate; and If and only IF I go to the gym (and do good), I get to eat one of their one-square minis when I get back. It helps teach self-rewarding as well as self-control to not dip into them!”


3. Commit to Just 10 Minutes

“There are days when I don’t want to do it. But I have a deal with myself. I have to do at least 10 minutes. If I get to the end of the 10 minutes and I STILL don’t feel like working out, I will give myself a break and call if quits. The truth of it is, I always make it past the 10 minutes because working out always makes me feel better regardless of how I felt before I started. Love your workout and it will love you back!”


4. Watch a Motivational Video

“The singing and dancing also puts me in a great mood and I even sometimes watch clips from Glee on YouTube just to help motivate me when I really don’t feel like working out.”

-Elizabeth H.

“For unmotivated mornings like today, I have a game plan! A while ago, I saw an amazing Gatorade commercial that was set to an army cadence, “Hard Work.” The rhythm of the Army running at a steady pace and the soldiers shouting “Hard Work” made me want to start moving too. A genius set the “Hard Work” Army Cadence on repeat for an entire hour and uploaded the video onto YouTube—and now I play that Army cadence every morning as  I get ready for T25.”


5. Put Your Workout Clothes by Your Bed

“I put my workout shoes next to my bed and when I woke Saturday morning, I put those babies on and climbed about the “Heel-Toe Express” to Walkville…LOL. Me and my pooch had a lovely walk.”

-Jody M

6. Keep a Visual Reminder Handy

“For losing 100 pounds, I was going to give myself my dream vacation. For me, that’s visiting Machu Picchu. So I went on the Internet and printed several pictures of this beautiful location. I attached the first one to my lampshade on my nightstand. Every morning when my alarm went off, I would roll over to hit that snooze button and see Machu Picchu waiting for me. Time to get up and start working my butt off!”

-Kati A.

7. Forget Motivation—Just Do It!

“God’s honest truth, I pretty much never feel like working out. This is a problem. It seems logical that when there is something you should do, but definitely don’t want to do, you need motivation. Right? I invite you to seriously consider whether this is actually true. Consider Chuck Close, an American painter who said, ‘Inspiration is for amateurs—the rest of us just get up and get to work.’ Substitute ‘motivation’ for ‘inspiration,’ and the next time you don’t feel like exercising, ask yourself whether you need to feel like it in order to do it. Consider whether it’s possible to accept the fact that you don’t feel like doing it and then do it anyway. Motivation is for amateurs—the rest of us just show up and work out.”


Make it WayBetter

Every time you find a motivation trick that works for you, write it down. Before you know it, you’ll have a whole list of go-to techniques to get you moving!