How One Woman Lost 35 Lbs in 3 Months with Just StepBet

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When we were designing StepBet, our ultimate goal was to create a game that motivated players to live the healthy, active lives they want. Since the game launched five months ago, we’ve already heard many stories from people who have experienced just that, people who were able to transform their day-to-day habits so that being active isn’t some pie-in-the-sky goal: it’s just a thing they do.

Of course, StepBet has a lot in common with DietBet—both motivate people to make healthy changes and reward them when they do—but one thing we’ve seen with StepBet is that the changes are more immediate for players. They can see their lifestyles changing from day one. What’s more, the changes players make during their games are sustainable ones that can translate to a long-term lifestyle transformation—while you can’t lose weight forever, you can stay active forever.

We recently heard from one amazing player who has experienced one of these transformations, Rhonda W, and wanted to share her story with all of you:

“I joined my first Stepbet with Fitbit Challenge Group June 27th. My oldest daughter was going to be leaving to study in Chile for the semester, and I decided that I was going to lose 50 pounds by year-end, rather than eat my way thru depression while she was gone.

Before starting the game, I considered 15,000 steps to be my great stepping day. I had even hit 25k...ONCE. Lo and behold, StepBet assigned me goals of 17,756 steps four days a week and 23,083 steps two per week. WHAT!?

We were also heading out on vacation. What was I thinking? I've attached a photo from that first week of my first Stepbet. THAT is the 230+ pound version of me that was challenged to join StepBet by Carlos Barber, an administrator with Fitbit Challenge Group. Lynn Adkins, another administrator, set up challenge groups with 10 others that had similar goals.

Here goes nothing, or everything, I thought.

I went on a nature HIKE during that first week of vacation. I was pushed up some areas and held onto in others so I wouldn’t fall; but I was moving for the entire trail. After that, I was stepping in the morning, stepping in the evening, parking at the end of the lot, walking around fields during my sons's soccer practice, walking around the parking lot during his karate practice, walking up and down my driveway in the dark, and walking in place at the side of my bed. I made no excuses for not hitting my goal.

Fast-forward and I am now in my third Stepbet and weighed 197 this morning. I'm hitting goals on my ‘rest’ days. Neighbors are commenting. Family is commenting. My daughter asked me to come to Chile for the end of her trip to BACKPACK for 5 days – and I'm considering it!

Stepbet provides instant feedback. You know exactly where you stand at all times and what you need to be successful, one day at a time. I haven't reached my 50 pound goal yet; but with Stepbet, it sure does seem possible.”

From all of us at WayBetter, congratulations Rhonda! Keep on stepping!

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