Lacey Stone's Best At-Home Ab Workout

Want a tabloid-worthy tummy? Celebrity trainer Lacey Stone has a killer at-home ab workout for you!

Well-defined abs are the hallmark of fitness, a chance to show off the hard work you've put in with training and diet. I'm a big fan of mixing up exercises so you never get bored, and creating challenges so you always feel like you're improving.

Equally important is diet: If you eat poorly, you won't see results, but if you do the routine and get your diet in order -- hello, midriff!

Try the moves below moves three to four times a week for one month (always have a rest day for your abs in between workouts!).

Time: One minute per move (unless otherwise stated). Rest 30 seconds between moves.

Circuit: Do this circuit 2 times in a row for best results.

Med Ball V-Up (with or without med ball)

The medicine ball V-up is an advanced version of the traditional V-up exercise that targets the external obliques while helping to increase range of motion throughout your hip and lower back region. The additional weight placed upon the upper torso from the medicine ball will result in strength and stability gains throughout the shoulder complex.

A. Lie flat on your back with your arms straight behind your head holding a medicine ball with your legs completely extended.

B. Lift your arms and torso simultaneously towards each other, attempting to touch the medicine ball to your shins before reversing the movement and returning to the floor.

Plank Pike Jumps

This exercise is a dynamic movement that develops core stability and strength while increasing cardiovascular endurance.

A. Get into a plank position with your hands directly beneath your shoulders. Create a straight line from your head to your heels.

B. Brace your core and jump your feet under your hips. Pause, make sure to place hands firmly on the floor, and jump back to starting position.

Elevated Russian Twist

The elevated-feet Russian twist is a rotational exercise that targets your core, more specifically the obliques. This exercise also increases strength and power in the hips.

A. Sit on the floor with your knees bent and your hands placed on the back of your head. Lean back so your torso creates a 45-degree angle with the floor. Lift your feet a few inches from the floor. This is your starting position.

B. Brace your core and rotate your torso to one while fully extending your opposite leg. Pause, then reverse the movement.

Kneeling Wood Chopper (you can use a cable machine or a dumbbell)

The kneeling woodchopper increases strength and explosive power through the core, lower body, and hips. The exercise also improves shoulder and hip mobility.

A. Kneel with your knees shoulder-width apart next to an adjustable cable machine with a D-handle at the high setting. Grab the handle with both hands, keeping your elbows bent and shoulders back.

B. Brace your core and pull the handle down across your body to the opposite hip. Pause, then return back to starting position.

Make it WayBetter

Don't forget your breathing! Breath is always important with exercise, but with core exercises, it becomes even more so. Draw your belly button toward your spine on each inhale to maximize results and protect your low back!