Lacey Stone's Fave Celebrity Workouts

The trainer to the stars dishes on the top 3 workouts she recommends to help her clients get into paparazzi-ready shape!
lacey stone

I’m an adrenaline kind of girl. I love spiking my heart rate way up with small bouts of recovery, and I recommend the same for my clients. I’m a firm believer that there are no shortcuts to a great body — if you want greatness, you must be great and work hard. The harder you work, the easier it becomes and the more amazing you will feel once you’ve accomplished your goal. And if you work hard, you WILL accomplish it.

So without further ado, here are my top 3 favorite ways to work out to truly transform your body:

1. HIIT Bootcamps

These have to be my number one. In Los Angeles, I run my own bootcamps. Sure I may be biased (okay, I definitely am), but I think they are the best out there. If want to learn more, check out my 8 Weeks to Change progam. I'd love to see you there!  

2. Indoor Cycling

Indoor cycling, more commonly referred to as "spin," is my second favorite workout. I teach at Flywheel in Los Angeles, and it's made me realize that there is something to be said for repetitive motion in a dark room with music blasting. In spin, there is no impact and when your turn up the resistance on any bike, you can get killer cardio. Flywheel is definitely my favorite studio for indoor cycling.  

3. Lifting Heavy weights

Lifting heavy is the third. Not a lot of women lift heavy, which upsets me a little. If you keep to the right diet, there is no quicker way to a leaner physique. Plus, the stronger I get through my training and lifting, the stronger I feel in my life outside of the gym. If you want to learn more, check out this article I wrote on ladies who lift

Lacey Stone is a bi-coastal celebrity trainer. For more of her celeb-worthy fitness advice, check out her 5 Keys to Turning Your Workouts Around. She also has a DietBet game starting on February 29th. Join today to get the star treatment

Make it WayBetter

We may not be celebrities ourselves, but sometimes it can be motivating to pretend! Next time you're exercising, imagine you're a superstar getting ready for your next big role. Who knows, it might make for a better workout--or at least one that's more fun!