StepBetter's Top Tips to Walk More Every Day

Surprise: It doesn't require scheduling a workout.
The players of our first test version of StepBet share their smart, sneaky, and silly strategies for getting those steps in.

Most of us have a goal to be more active. Sometimes that means signing up for a gym or getting into a regular workout routine, but other times it just means building more activity into your day-to-day life. There are some tips we’ve all heard—taking the stairs, parking far away—but sometimes you need to get a little creative to hit your goal.

Thankfully, our community is nothing if not creative! Over the summer, we launched a couple beta games of StepBet, our new challenge where players bet on themselves to walk more, and the players came up with countless ingenious ideas for squeezing more steps in every day.

Here are some of the most brilliant—and hilarious—tricks they came up with:

Laps Aren’t Just for the Track

“I walk around my house, do laps around my table, and pace while the kids play on the floor.” -Suzanne

“I do laps around my kitchen while I wait for my coffee to brew.” -Jessica

 “If all else fails, I walk the length of my sidewalk back and forth until I gain the steps I need for the day, lol. I’m sure the neighbors think I’m crazy, but oh well...” -Molly

Listen Up!

 “I have a couple different playlists on my iPhone that are more upbeat and tend to get me moving faster. I have them set anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour, and I put the earbuds in and just start walking around, whether it is around the block, cleaning, or on the treadmill, whatever. I tend to get lost in the music until the playlist comes to a stop.” -Skip

“I listen to audible and march around the kitchen or upstairs bathroom. I am catching up on listening to stories I have already read in preparation for reading the final book in a series I love, plus I get my steps in too. I usually do it in chunks of time that fall in line with the chapter I am currently listening to.” –GeminiWitch83

“There are some playlists you can get on iTunes that are created based on the number of beats per minute. These are meant to be used for walking and/or running and really help keep you on pace.” -Glamping Girl

Make Everyday Tasks Count

“I do my 8-month-old’s laundry. But I walk 1 garment at a time to the machine. Her room is not far from the laundry room but she definitely has a lot of clothes. LOL. It can take forever and it gets me about 1k in steps.” -LaSonya

“Walk through every aisle in the grocery store even if you only go in for one item. Park farther away. Walk around your house or building before entering. It all adds up!” -Stephanie

 “I pace while I brush my teeth (husband thinks I am nuts).” –Linda L.

“When cooking dinner, I have an intermittent dance-off with the cat.” –Melissa E.

Beat Office Inactivity

“I have a desk job. Every time I need to get up, regardless of the reason, I make sure I do at least 100 steps. Doing this usually gets me to 10,000 steps before I leave work!” –Debbie W.

“I work a desk job with long hours and have started walking 30 minutes before work, on my lunch break, and after work to reach my goal.” –Haley F.

“Instead of emailing, I walk to people’s offices.” –Melissa E.

“I go to the furthest restroom at work, then walk the longest way back to my desk.” –bulldog lover

What are your best tips for building more steps into your day? Share them in the comments!

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