Lose 4% in 4 weeks

Syd’s New Year Smasher! WIN A FIT BIT VERSA!!

Come keep your resolutions with us! Win a Fit Bit Versa PLUS weekly prizes!

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Jan 14Feb 10 · 4 week game
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Come keep your resolutions with us! Win a Fit Bit Versa PLUS weekly prizes!

See this game’s bonus stakes!

How to play



Commit $30 to keep you accountable.


Lose 4%

Over 4 weeks.



Split the pot with other winners.

How to weigh in

Send our Referees 2 photos


Full-body pose
on a scale with lightweight clothing.


The scale with today’s weigh-in word written on a piece of paper.

What you’ll need…

  • a scale
  • pen & paper
  • full-length mirror (or someone to take your photo)


Who sees my weight?

Who will see my photos?

How do you keep the game fair?

Refs are online! Chat with us
Fresh fruit and vegetables next to glasses of healthy drinks.

It works!

10,000,000pounds lost
$50,000,000paid to winners

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Ashley O

“I loved the motivation from the other players, it wasn’t about the money.”

Ashley O.

Matthew K Testimonial Image Lo Res

“Since playing DietBet games, my kids have been picking up on my healthy lifestyle changes."

Matthew K.

Adrienne Before and After Image Regular

“I’ve gained control over my emotional eating habits.”

Adrienne A.

This isn’t a game to lose the most weight. Everyone who meets their goals wins and splits the pot!

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7-day money back guarantee

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Sydney posted
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Sydney posted
Pinned Instagram Post! Feel free to share your IG on here so we can follow and support :) Mine is @syd_journey
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Sydney posted
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Jen posted
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Jen posted
Was craving pizza some sort of BAD last night . . . We are in the middle of a snow storm . . . 2 low carb wraps . . . 2 tbs pizza sauce . . . Mozz cheese . . . 12 pepperoni . . . Roll em up . . . 425° for 10-15 minutes . . . Delicious !!!
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Samantha posted
2lbs down, 5 to go! Thanks to all the snow yesterday keeping my workouts on track.. so much shoveling! Lol
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Jenelle posted
I’ve been skipping breakfast lately not so much on purpose I just forget and by the time I remember it’s nearly lunch time so I hold off. What does everyone do for breakfast? Smoothie recipes? Yoghurt? Overnight oats?
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Michele posted
Drove through McDonalds today with a fun friend in the car just to get iced tea. She ordered French fries and I didn't even have one!! Today was a win!!
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Karina posted
Hey guys, I shared a cake with my friend yesterday but still saw some ‘-‘ on a scale this morning! Shouldn’t eat sweets any more, I know each week will get even more complicated :sweat_smile: by the way I will be travelling on a final weight in day, is it ok if I use different scales for the picture?
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Lauryn posted
fell of the wagon pretty hard today and yesterday:grimacing: a little disappointed in myself but then also realized that it’s not even nearly half as bad as I used to eat so I can’t beat myself up over not being perfect every day. tomorrow is a new day!
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Erika posted
So it’s 7am this Sunday morning, let’s start this day...
9am: 50min yoga class
10am: 50min “total body sculpt” class
2pm: 2h hike with the doggy’s
Let’s do this!!!! :muscle:
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Tori posted
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Tori posted
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Dustin posted
Holy cow the pot is almost 40k! 0.o
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Natasha posted
Gave in to boredom eating today. Oops. But nowhere near as bad as I used to eat on a bored day.
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Kimi posted
Day 5 & 6 check ins: yesterday went okay, though I ate a bit more of my homemade chili than I hoped I would. Was still in calorie range so it was mostly fine. Today was fairly okay, too, but hubby used the air fryer to cook a ton of fries tonight, and I def ate a handful I shouldn’t have. But! A handful is not a whole plate, so I’m fine with it. It’s seeming like I’m back on track this week, so thanks for bearing with my updates. Hope your first week has also been productive!
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Elissa posted
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Sandra posted
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alisson posted
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Christopher posted
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Jessica posted
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Kimberly posted
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Kim posted
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Brooke posted
Hi, everyone! Best of luck to everybody- let’s crush this game and reach our goals! :muscle:
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Asia posted
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Kelsey posted
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Kimi posted
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Christopher posted
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