Lose 4% in 4 weeks

Love Thyself—Win a $500 Wardrobe Giveaway

Ensure you make yourself a priority - and LOVE yourself! You'll lose 4%, and one lucky player will win a $500 wardrobe giveaway.

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Feb 11Mar 10 · 4 week game
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14-day money back guarantee

Ensure you make yourself a priority - and LOVE yourself! You'll lose 4%, and one lucky player will win a $500 wardrobe giveaway.

How to play



Commit $35 to keep you accountable.


Lose 4%

Over 4 weeks.



Split the pot with other winners.

How to weigh in

Image of a camera icon.

Send our Referees 2 photos

Woman in white workout clothes standing on a white scale.

Full-body pose on a scale with lightweight clothing.

Image of feet on scale with the word of the day printed on paper.

The scale with today’s weigh-in word written on a piece of paper.

What you'll need...

  • a scale

  • pen & paper

  • full-length mirror (or someone to take your photo)


Who sees my weight?

Who will see my photos?

How do you keep the game fair?

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Fresh fruit and vegetables next to glasses of healthy drinks.

It works!

10,000,000pounds lost
$50,000,000paid to winners

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Ashley O

“I loved the motivation from the other players, it wasn’t about the money.”

Ashley O.

Matthew K Testimonial Image Lo Res

“Since playing DietBet games, my kids have been picking up on my healthy lifestyle changes."

Matthew K.

Adrienne Before and After Image Regular

“I’ve gained control over my emotional eating habits.”

Adrienne A.

This isn’t a game to lose the most weight. Everyone who meets their goals wins and splits the pot!

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DietBet posted
Need some fitness motivation to help you reach your goal? Join a StepBet game! It's the perfect complement to DietBet and lets you win money for being more active. Download the app today!
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Kim posted
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Shawnna posted
Now that Valentine's day is over, no more sweets!
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Caroline posted
This morning, I stepped on the scale to find that I am 25% to my overall initial goal weight (outside of this Diet bet)!!! Woooooo! Such a great Sunday morning! Time to go workout now ;)
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Orson posted
45 minutes weighs
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Kim posted
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Rebekah posted
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Nkem posted
It’s a veerry slow Saturday here in Nigeria. Was supposed to be the presidential election and it got cancelled. Announcement came at 3am! Story for another place because it’s quite an embarrassing tale to tell.
I however decided to put the day to good use by cleaning out the whole house.
Didn’t expect to get in as many steps as I did.
Win- win! Exercising while doing chores
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DietBet posted
Last chance to invite friends to join the game! Growing the pot adds to the fun for everyone. The player who gets the most friends to join each day becomes the game's Most Valuable Player, and we'll award an overall MVP once invitations can no longer be sent.
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Kim posted
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DietBet posted

Congratulations to the 20 lucky players who have just won a new FoodSaver Bundle valued at over $220! You’ll receive an email from us with details of your prize so be on the lookout. Want a chance to be a prize winner next week? Click here become a member today! Without further ado...

Amber B.AngieBrook G., Hollie B., Jeff M., Kari S., Karin F., LisaMadison N., Nicole R., LittleWeedusPat H., Samantha J., Sara K., SaraStacey R., Tabitha F., Taelor P., Tara N., and Tiffany

Next week's prize also has multiple winners! You have eight chances to win an All-Clad Stainless Steel 10-Piece Cookware Set with each set valuing over $600 each! All you have to do is submit a progress weigh-in between now and next Wednesday. Have more questions about membership? Check out all the FAQ here! 

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Kim posted
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Rob posted
Happy Wednesday everyone! Good luck to you all. I hope everyone makes their goal and we go down in DietBet History as the first 100% successful contest.

I joined and Sunday and we had to put the family dog down on Monday night; ugh. Nothing like dropping a major family stress on top of a plan to become more self disciplined.....

I'll enjoy celebrating all your successes with you, big and small. A personal trainer once told me that the exercise I needed to add to my routine was the triceps pushaway - AKA - grab the dinner table and push your body back.

I've got a good exercise routine; hopefully this contest will encourage increased dietary discretion.
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Kristin posted
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Nkem posted
Hi everyone, i’m Nkem and I live in Lagos, Nigeria. This is technically my first DietBet ever (i’m playing in 2 games) i’m excited to finally start my journey towards getting back in shape after having my baby about 9 months ago.
I’m not going to lie, the 500 box worth of clothes gift price is soooo appealing.
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DietBet posted

It's weigh-in Wednesday so make sure to submit a Progress Weigh-in by midnight PST tonight to be entered into the drawing for a chance for a FoodSaver Bundle! Not only will you get entered into the weekly drawing, but regular weigh-ins can keep you on track to your goals! Not a DietBet Member? Click here to become one today for prizes, exclusive features, and added accountability. We are giving away 20 of these FoodSaver Bundles so don't miss out! 

Just be sure to submit a Progress Weigh-in by midnight PST tonight to be entered. If you’ve already submitted a Progress Weigh-in this week (you’ll likely have noticed a greyed-out button) you’re good to go. If you’re unclear about your status, your Membership Page will say “Entered to win” if you’re set.

Progress Weigh-ins and Progress Prizes are weekly Member-only features that reward you for keeping yourself accountable. If you're not a Member, you can become one at any time. Not a U.S. resident? We’ll provide the cash value of the prize. Have more questions about membership? Check out the FAQ here!

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Caroline posted
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Shawnna posted
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Renee posted
To win the $500 wardrobe do you have to be a member or can non-members win as well?
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Kim posted
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Tara posted
So excited about this! This is my first dietbet! Is there a hashtag we can use for an IG account?
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Joe posted
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Megan posted
Any Peloton peeps in this group? I would love a riding buddy!
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Rebekah posted
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Molly posted
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Jaime posted
Do you have to be a member to be put in the running for the $500 gift card?
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jennifer posted
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