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Jan 14Feb 10 · 4 week game
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Start 2019 motivated, join the Instant Loss Community, let’s get fit!

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Commit $30 to keep you accountable.


Lose 4%

Over 4 weeks.



Split the pot with other winners.

How to weigh in

Send our Referees 2 photos


Full-body pose
on a scale with lightweight clothing.


The scale with today’s weigh-in word written on a piece of paper.

What you’ll need…

  • a scale
  • pen & paper
  • full-length mirror (or someone to take your photo)


Who sees my weight?

Who will see my photos?

How do you keep the game fair?

Refs are online! Chat with us
Fresh fruit and vegetables next to glasses of healthy drinks.

It works!

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Ashley O

“I loved the motivation from the other players, it wasn’t about the money.”

Ashley O.

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Matthew K.

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This isn’t a game to lose the most weight. Everyone who meets their goals wins and splits the pot!

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Brittany posted
68 likes48 comments
Yola posted
I haven’t eaten any crisps since new year and I’m starting to feel like the habit and craving is passing! This is huge news as my evening crisp habit was NOT good - hope everyone is having a great weekend!
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Elissa posted
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Jamie posted
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Chari posted
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Jerra posted
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Kristin posted
I’m excited! I lost 5.5 this week. This will get me through the playoff party tomorrow!
11 likes0 comments
Christy posted
Meal planning today and keeping up my water intake. And.....the scale has gone down a bit!!!
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Chari posted
4 likes2 comments
Amanda posted
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Michelle posted
6 likes1 comment
Laura posted
5 likes2 comments
Jennifer posted
5 likes1 comment
Kevin posted
Trying to stick to low carb. Looks like water weight fell off. Hopefully keep it off this time.
7 likes1 comment
Corinne posted
So am I the only one who had the guilt free brownies for breakfast?!?!
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Chari posted
8 likes1 comment
Morgan posted
Weighed in this morning and am down from the beginning of the week. Just what I needed to help me stay on track through the weekend. I usually gain back anything lost during the week on the weekends I needed this motivation.
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angela posted
10 likes1 comment
Caroline posted
71% to goal! Hoping to knock that out by this time next week! Now off to work I go... on a rainy Saturday.
9 likes3 comments
Teresa posted
So today is cousins baby shower, there's going to be snacks because she is a caterer
4 likes3 comments
DietBet posted
Last chance to invite friends to join the game! Growing the pot adds to the fun for everyone. The player who gets the most friends to join each day becomes the game's Most Valuable Player, and we'll award an overall MVP once invitations can no longer be sent.
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Angela posted
New challenge for Apple Watch users
You have been invited to compete in ''February-spring past winter''!

First, download Challenges:

Once you have the app, enter invite code: 'jrgh' or tap on the link below to join:

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Angela posted
Any rebounders in here?
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Chari posted
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Jamie posted
The weekends are always my downfall with trying to stay with a healthy eating plan. This weekend I will be stronger than the urge to eat treats and unhealthy snacks!!
10 likes2 comments
Rhoni posted
Is dried coconut,mango or popcorn a bad snack?
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