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Jan 29Jul 28 · 6 month game
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10 lucky winners will have their winnings doubled!

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Commit $25 per month to keep you accountable.


Lose 10%

Over 6 months, with monthly check-ins.



Split the pot with other winners.

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Losing 10% is easier when you break it up, so each round has its own goal — and its own pot to split.

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Ashley O

“I loved the motivation from the other players, it wasn’t about the money.”

Ashley O.

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“Since playing DietBet games, my kids have been picking up on my healthy lifestyle changes."

Matthew K.

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“I’ve gained control over my emotional eating habits.”

Adrienne A.

This isn’t a game to lose the most weight. Everyone who meets their goals wins and splits the pot!

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Game feed

Jennifer posted
Omg i just realized we only have 10 days left!! And I still need about 5lbs left :dizzy_face::confounded:
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Jennifer posted
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Amy posted
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Mary posted
Ack!!! 2.6#s to lose in only 10 days. That’s going to be tough. Time to move to 2 a days. 5am and 7pm workouts are my new reality!! Good luck to you all. I’m not going to fail!!!:muscle:
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Salvador posted
Just finished sunday workout. Today it was stair climbing around 30 floors in total, all this while wearing my 25 pound weighted vest and carrying an extra 13 pounds on each arm, so about a total of 50 extra pounds, I finished with 50 pushups and some bicep curls. On Valentine's day I ran 10 kilometers, my time was 58.30 new personal record, I am new to running and I don't know if that's a good time but I weigh 247 pounds So, be gentle with me. Keep up the good work, thanks for your support and I'll see you on the other side.
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Amy posted
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Amy posted
I deliberately overlap DietBets in order to push me past the goals on one of them by having a larger goal on another: it keeps me ahead in the 6-month games like this one.

I'm now below my goal weight for Round 1 because another bet I'm in needs me to be below that already, so...it gets me ahead of the game.

I was close in that game this round, so yesterday I minimized my intake and drank a ton of water and a pot of green tea, and I made it. There will still be fluctuations, but I'm on a downward trend again, and I'm really really grateful for the encouragement and demands of these groups.

I will turn 49 on April 27. I'm at 268 now. My goal is to be 250 by my birthday. Totally achievable if I stay focused.
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Sheila posted
Anyone else doing a step bet? I just joined my first. It starts tomorrow. :walking:‍♀️:walking:‍♂️
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Jordan posted
My weekly weigh in was approved this morning. I have met my month one goal. How is you weight loss going? Are you on a downward trend?
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Nicola posted
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Elizabeth posted
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Jordan posted
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Jennifer posted
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Colleen posted
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Debbie posted
Sweet I am going to make it! This keto thing is paying off!
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Sadie posted
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Elizabeth posted
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Seshia posted
I’ve been very strict with my diet these past 3 weeks. But today was just difficult for some reason. Ate a little over my calorie restriction. Hoping it doesn’t show up on the scale.
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Jennifer posted
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Matt posted
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Amy posted
My kid is in our h.s. musical, which is Spamalot this year as the property manager, my kid needed to find coconut shells, which were $10/ea on the internet. So we bought coconuts for $1/each at the market. Husband helped them use a hack-saw to slice them in half, kid pried out all the coconut meat, and I gave away most of the coconut to friends, then took a tray-full of shaved shards (used a mandolin to slice them) and toasted them.

DELIGHTFUL crunch, lovely flavor, and a light touch of sweetness. Nibbling on 1/4 to 1/2 c of the toasted slices...mmmmm.
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Tammy posted
Hey Team! Happy Friday!
I have two days left of my first 5 day water fast. It's harder than I thought it would be! You don't realize how much of your day is spent around food until you take it out! Lord, help me!
Also, if you want to see a really interesting docuseries full of more information on our nation's current health crisis than you can imagine, check out https://therealskinnyonfat.com/episodes/replay-weekend-guide.html.
This series is what got me back on track. It may only be available this weekend. Each video is over 2 hours long, but worth it!
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Carson posted
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Bonnie posted
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paige posted
Ride my bike to work today!
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