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Jan 15Jul 14 · 6 month game
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Go after your weight loss goals and be entered to win one of 20 gift cards!

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Commit $25 per month to keep you accountable.


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Ashley O.

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Game feed

Rekha posted
I made it to 4 barre3 classes this week!! So proud of myself!
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Dawn posted
If you plateau...ONE cheat meal (per week) is the best way to get back on track!
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Jeffery posted
Eggs Benedict hold the hollandais for breakfast. It made my heart hurt to say those words "hold the hollandais."
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Johanna posted
Terrible, terrible day. Got a really painful cyst in my mouth and eating is really hard. Had two bowls of soups, runny porridge with bilberries. And chocolate. Did not go over the roof, but still too much to feel good. I feel so stupid now.
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julia posted
Hello everyone! Storytime ;) My name is Julia, I came to the US a few years ago as an International student from France (almost done with my bachelor!) and I was already overweight when I arrived, but now, I don't know if it's because the food is different or just because I am not used to the portion size but I kept on adding extra pounds now and then. As a result, I don't recognize myself and I hate it, I feel so unhealthy and I am having lots of concern with my health. So because I have lots of weight to lose (like A LOT) and I want my old self back before I return to France, I decided to give Dietbet a try, I am a newbie so any tips and bits of advice are more than welcome! Good luck to everyone!
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Julia posted
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Susan posted
Want to share a tip: Hard Boiled Eggs. Whenever I have lost weight in the past this has really helped with my busy lifestyle and getting protein. I would eat one egg and two egg whites or more depending on how hungry I was. It really helps!
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Susan posted
Feeling motivated (and uncomfortably fat)! Looking forward to feeling healthy again & fitting into my clothes! Good luck everyone!! :blush:
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Cynthia posted
Tonight was a good night...instead of opening with a healthy shake I opened with my low carb main meal and then had my shake a little later. So proud that night #5 no nightly snacking.
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Victoria posted
Hey everyone here’s a great motivator to move more! This app lets you earn points towards rewards just by walking: https://gift.sweatcoinapp.uk/i/victoria966071 (use this link to get 5 free ‘coins’.) At first I was like eh another fitness app, but now I’m walking an extra few kilometre each day just to reach the maximum coins :smiley::smiley: I think gamifying fitness and weight loss is such a great idea. In other news I have a birthday party later today wish me luck!
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Cynthia posted
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Julia posted
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Johanna posted
I just realized that more than cutting I should focus now on adding food to my plate: more vegetables, more protein. This is big for a bread lover like me. Put a slice of tofu and greens on my bread this morning.
Another small win was that I sat down every time I ate, and kept my hands off the treats offered at work. :raised_hands:
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Cynthia posted
Ok I'm excited! A little over a couple pounds down, and my ability to not snack after my second job is now on the 4th day in a row.. I don't have my second job tomorrow and I dont work Saturday or Sunday. So it is tricky...I have plenty of time to screw things up. So my action plan for this weekend...

1. Open my eating window with a health shake.
2. Eat one nice sized filling low carb dinner.
3. Drink plenty of water and Green tea.
4. Cut out any snacks just for this weekend.
5. Close my eating window after dinner.
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Brenda posted
Does anyone do the FitBit challenges? Add me or drop your fitbit info and let's stay motivated.

marie12103@yahoo.com OR https://www.fitbit.com/user/65N2PH
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Susan posted
Hi everyone! I've done a few kickstarters. This is my first transformer. My goal is just to have more energy and be healthier.
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Jeffery posted
Hi Everyone. Started this challenge then went on vacation. I wanted something to keep me in line when I was out and about. Hitting the gym, using the step tracker, and traking the calories. Lets hope it's enough.
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Karen posted
I am excited to be part of this challenge. I have tried many things in the past, lost some weight but really want this to be the year to get to the healthiest version of myself possible. I have a long ways to go, and need to lose at least 90 pounds to get to my long term goal. But I am focusing on the daily successes and baby steps to get there. I feel better each day just eating healthy and getting in some activity.

My game plan:

1 - Got myself a FitBit and I love it! I had no idea it does way more than track my steps! I am using it to track my calories too.
2 - Eat in moderation - make healthy choices!
3 - Joined Planet Fitness - with the goal to start out going 3 days a week, and walk my stairs at work every day (Mon-Fri).
4 - Last but not least - joined this DietBet challenge! This will really reinforce the accountability to myself to stay on track.
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DietBet posted

It's our favorite time of the week—we’re announcing the 11 lucky winners of the Bowflex Adjustable Dumbbell set! Congrats to all of our winners! You’ll receive an email from us with details of your prize so be on the lookout. Want a chance to be a prize winner next week? For $5 for a Kickstarter membership or $20 for a Transformer membership, become a member today! Without further ado...

Alejandra L.Ally K., Edgar O.Jennifer A., Jon F., Julie D., Kim L., Nicole M., noah h., Roch, and TIna F.!

Next week’s prize is a 4-week subscription to Blue Apron, valued at $480! You will be able to choose from chef-designed recipes and cook delicious meals right in the comfort of your own home! We will have 10 lucky winners of these subscriptions—we can’t wait to see what you cook up next.

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Marian posted
Hi Everyone. I am finally getting around to introducing myself. My goal is to lose 25 lbs this year and keep it off. Also develop and maintain healthy eating habits. I had a health scare at the beginning of the year and I am determine to get health this year.

In order to meet this challenge I made a few changes for the new year.
1) Joined a health club that just opened near my home.
2) Start using MyFitnessPal food and exercise diary everyday.
3) Joined Dietbet and Stepbet to give me healthy goals and incentives.

I'm looking forward to joining you all in this journey.
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Franchelle posted
Managed to get in 60 minutes of cardio. It was a terrible day before working out, and the exercise put me in a better mood.
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Karen posted
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Jennifer posted
All healthy foods today (low carb for me), and just walked 2 miles on treadmill. Used to be a regular runner so this feels so whimpy, but gotta restart somewhere.
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Johanna posted
So excited to be here! Got overweighed 15 years ago but really has bothered me too much. Until now. I just hate to get those "she must be expecting" -looks. Also my 40's is getting closer and I realised that loosing weight is not actually going to get easier. So here I go! :muscle:
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Brittany posted
I hate when I decide to start these things and end up sick right at the beginning #Strep throat
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