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Feb 11Mar 10 · 4 week game
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Lose weight, share tips/recipes, giveaways, and get paid!

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Ashley O

“I loved the motivation from the other players, it wasn’t about the money.”

Ashley O.

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“Since playing DietBet games, my kids have been picking up on my healthy lifestyle changes."

Matthew K.

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“I’ve gained control over my emotional eating habits.”

Adrienne A.

This isn’t a game to lose the most weight. Everyone who meets their goals wins and splits the pot!

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DietBet posted
Need some fitness motivation to help you reach your goal? Join a StepBet game! It's the perfect complement to DietBet and lets you win money for being more active. Download the app today!
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Lexi posted
Hello everyone! Our game officially starts TODAY and i'm so excited to finish 2019 with our tribe! For those of you who may not know me my name is Lexi (fatgirlfedup). I joined my first dietbet in 2016 and it helped me to lose 312lbs in two years with diet/exercise. No meal plan, surgery, personal trainer, but just counting my calories, focusing on my diet with 30-60 mins of exercise 5x a week in the beginning. Here's a few things to get started:
- Welcome to our tribe! Together we are losing pounds and have become a tribe full of love, encouragement, and support! It brings me great joy to host and I love being part of such a positive weight loss space. We will have others joining us for 14 days so be sure to invite friends,family, and coworkers. You may literally save their life just by getting them to join in on the fun!
- Diet is key! I use myfitnesspal to track all the food i'm eating and it helped me learn about nutrition labels, log my water/workouts, and showed me my progress!
- MOVE! Try to get atleast 30 minutes of exercise 4-5x a week even if it's just walking. Every step adds up! I started with the elliptical 5x a week in the beginning as I was 485lbs and it helped me to not kill my knees. Start where you can and just focus on moving daily.
- WATER is your best friend! I aim to drink a gallon a day. Water helps to keep you full, boost your metabolism, and can even help your skin while loosing weight!
- Let's be friends! Be sure to tag #fatgirlfedupsdietbet on all social media so we can find & cheer each other on!
- PICTURES. Sometimes the scale doesn't tell the full story so be sure to take ALL the before pictures. I promise you WILL want them and we can't wait to see your transformation!
- Any technical or weigh in problems email support@dietbet.com as they are amazing and super quick with helping!

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Crystal posted
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Carmen posted
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stefanie posted
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Martha posted
Ever heard of one tequila two tequila three tequila floor .. okay long story short that was me last night. WTH was I thinking .. I fell and I fell deep . I was doing so great even Valentine’s Day was a perfect day and last night I ate pizza and fried food and half a bottle of Cuervo tequila did some karaoke till 1 am. It’s like I went back to my single not responsible adult days . Idk what went wrong .. could it have been the name calling or the constant threat of leaving from my husband idk but I was doing so well and didn’t just drop the ball ... I handed it to the other team . Oh well good thing it’s Monday ! The hangover is gonna be great of course! I’m not even a drinker but ok . :unamused:
Monday ! 1,2,3 go!!!!!!!!!!!
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Seara posted
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Ruth posted
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Thandi posted
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Catie posted
Starting a week late but determined to get back on track. I can't lie, I enjoyed my care free eating for the last monthish. I always get to this point in my weight loss journey and think to myself ehhh I look good enough and then end up gaining 10lbs and then losing and gaining the same 10 pounds over and over. I am hoping to stop emotionally eating and lose 20lbs by August. My ultimate goal is to lose 40lbs by my August 2020 graduation date. Good luck to everyone. If anyone has any weight loss tips/motivation I would love to hear them :)
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Jade posted
Been super ill, today's a back on track day. Here's hoping for a loss. Up against a lot but taking it in my stride. Hope everyones well xx
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Corrie posted
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Kristy posted
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Nancy posted
Hey team! Need some opinions here. I want to try keto, but I'm not a fan of meat or grease. Has anyone tried a version without bacon/butter and minimal to none beef/pork in general? I'd say yes to any amount of chicken/fish/eggs/olive oil and occasionally a steak, but bacon is off limits. Not a fan of avocado either. Does this mean keto is not suitable for me? Are there "healthier" keto versions? I've seen meal plans that had bacon and eggs in the morning, I only ate that breakfast once and was nauseous for the rest of the day, not doing that again. My usual breakfast is one orange with my iron supplements, and coffee 2hrs later. Thanks!
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Monica posted
I was able to pull a good couple of miles walking in an Air Show :airplane: and carnival :ferris_wheel: and didn’t cheat even though I was dying for a funnel cake :grimacing:
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Kayli posted
What happens when you start a bet late, what is your start weight?
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Margo posted
What’s the difference between a progress weigh in and an unofficial weigh in?
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Kristen posted
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Jennifer posted
Ughhhh - I think I’m doing well but my scale is broken!! Won’t turn on at all and I live in a community of under 3000 people so guess who has to wait for amazon to deliver a new scale??!! :raising_hand:
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Melissa posted
I been doing horrible these past 4 days I am scared to even get on the scale... then today I received all the girl scout cookies from my daughters troop and of course we ordered some. So hard to resist the temptation.
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Lynn posted
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Miranda posted
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Jessica posted
So today I went to a birthday party for a 4 year old. My best friends little kid. The kids had a blast. I did not cave for the pizza or the cake and ice cream!!! So proud of myself. I brought my own food and it was delicious.
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Amy posted
I was looking up people to follow on Instagram for diet/exercise. Geez most of the videos are gratuitous butt shots and half are set to porn sounding music. I'm finding it hard to find normal ones...advice?
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Sadie posted
Already 30 over my calories today and I’m still hungry. Ugh :expressionless:
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Brandon posted
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Nikki posted
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