RunBet FAQ

What is RunBet?

RunBet is a game to run consistently. It’s a running club, a virtual race, and a training program all in one. At the start of each game, players commit to a specific running program while betting real money on themselves. If they complete all the requirements, they’re a winner and get back their money back and most likely a profit (funded by the players who didn’t finish the game).

How do I win?

Each game has its own goals which you commit to when you sign up. Hit all the goals for the game, as verified by RunBet’s referees, and you’ll split the pot evenly with the other winners.

How much do I have to bet?

The bet amount varies from game to game.

Where and when will I be running?

Anywhere you want! RunBet supports both indoor and outdoor runs. You can run at your gym, in the hills behind your house, or down Interstate 405 … it’s up to you (just be careful!). You can play RunBet from anywhere in the world and can take the game with you if you travel. You can run at any time of day, though you have to start and finish a run on the same calendar day (local time).

Can I walk?

RunBet is a running game and players normally need to meet a minimum running pace of 20 minutes per mile (12.5 minutes per kilometer) in order for their runs to qualify. Note that this is an average pace so you can mix running and walking and still qualify. Certain RunBet games are designed for beginners and/or slower runners and explicitly relax this minimum pace requirement. We chose 20 minutes per mile based on guidelines from the US CDC.

Do I get extra credit for running beyond the minimum required distance?

Nope. You’re welcome to go further if you like, but it won’t benefit your standing in the game. Our goal with RunBet is to set minimums, not maximums, and to foster consistent exercise habits.

How do you prevent cheating?

We have no tolerance for cheating. RunBet automatically verifies outdoor runs by connecting to GPS-based running trackers. For indoor runs, players submit proof of their runs via photos that RunBet’s Referees evaluate (one of sweaty you, one of the treadmill). We actively monitor multiple data points and use anti-cheating algorithms to flag suspicious behavior. Players may be required to provide our Referees with additional data pulled from their phone or tracking device and/or may be asked to make and submit videos of themselves running on a treadmill. Non-compliance with such requests may lead to you being disqualified. Anyone found cheating will be ejected from the game without a refund and may additionally face criminal charges.

Do I need a running watch or wristband to track my outdoor runs?

No. You don’t need a wearable device to play RunBet. All you need (for tracking runs outside) is a phone with GPS and a free running app called Runkeeper, available for iOS and Android. (In the future we’ll support other running apps.) Once Runkeeper is connected to RunBet, we “see” your runs and can automatically credit you. You just need to set up Runkeeper and make sure it’s tracking your runs.

Note that if you run indoors on treadmills, you don’t need Runkeeper – in that case, you can send photos of your treadmill along with sweaty selfies to our Referees to get credit for your runs.

What if I use a running watch? Can I use that to get credit for my runs?

Yes! You can use a wearable device so long as it can connect to your Runkeeper account (which you can get for free). Refer to Runkeeper for supported wearables here. Note that we can only credit runs that are officially supported and reported through Runkeeper so be sure your wearable device is supported and that all your runs appear in Runkeeper.

What if my RunKeeper doesn't capture my mileage one day?

Technology sometimes breaks. Batteries die, devices malfunction, technology fails, snooze buttons get mysteriously pressed. To be fair to the other players, it is entirely your responsibility to make sure your phones and devices are working and that you record your runs such that we can see them via Runkeeper (for outdoor runs). If for some reason Runkeeper doesn’t successfully record a run, we can’t credit it towards your game. It sucks when this happens but you may need to repeat a run from time to time. We suggest checking RunBet after using Runkeeper to confirm that your run has synced correctly. Similarly for indoor runs we can’t be responsible for treamill malfunctions. It’s a good idea to give yourself some slack in the game, particularly towards the end, to allow for technology glitches.

Why are the rules in my RunBet game different from the rules in the last one I played?

As part of our R&D process, we’re continually testing variations of game rules and formats. You may see changes and variations across games, including the number and distances of required runs, how long games last, and whether your goals stay the same or increase during the course of the game. Have an idea for an improvement? We’d love to hear it! Please write to our support team with your suggestions.

What is RunBet's cut of the pot?

WayBetter normally retains 25% of the gross pot to pay Referees, transaction processing fees, game hosts, and to cover administrative and hosting costs. For a limited promotional period during the introduction of RunBet, our fee will be reduced to 15% (any updates to this will appear here).

What happens if everybody wins my RunBet?

As in StepBet and DietBet, RunBet has a No Lose Guarantee so you’ll never lose money if you win your game. We will forfeit our house cut and absorb all the transaction and hosting costs as necessary to ensure that winners will always get at least 100% of their money back.

Is RunBet gambling?

RunBet is not gambling because it is skill-based with no element of chance. Whether or not you win is entirely under your control.