Woman with red and white striped shirt is flipping her hair.Woman with red and white striped shirt is flipping her hair.
Group of happy people giving each other high fives outside

Make change possible.

Our games set you up for success. With the right mix of social support, financial incentive, and manageable goal setting, results are in reach.

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How to play

How To Play - Three women sitting and encouraging each other

Choose a game

Find a game that fits your weight-loss goals, timing, and bet.

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Bet on yourself

Place your bet, weigh in with our Refs, and feel the motivation kick in.

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Lose the weight

Get help from the game’s host and other players as you stay focused.

A group of woman high fiving each other outside.

Cash out

Winners get back their bet plus a profit. It pays to bet on yourself!

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It works!

13,000,000pounds lost
$83,551,762paid out to players