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Jamie Rosen

Founder and CEO

Jamie Rosen, founder of WayBetter

Jamie started WayBetter after seeing friends compete in an office weight loss contest. People who seldom exercised were suddenly jogging at lunch, sneaking chocolate onto their competitor's desks, and laughing a lot. Something remarkable was happening in that office and Jamie decided to find a way to recreate that healthy energy on a large scale, using fun to motivate people to stick to their goals.

It's no coincidence that fun is core to all of WayBetter's games: after graduating from Harvard, Jamie invented toys, and later patented some games that he sold to Yahoo! He's a fan of the Fun Theory which says that life is better when you can turn work into play.

Jamie Rosen, founder of WayBetter

We give our players the kind of support that only humans can give.

WayBetter Referees

The WayBetter Referees

People make hard changes with the help of our games, but people also need help fromwell, people. We believe theres no substitute for real, human support, and thats why we developed our simple yet unique approach to customer support: the WayBetter Referees. Theyre real people with a real understanding of our gamesbecause theyre all real players themselves.

WayBetter Referees care about people, not tickets; joy, not closing issues; interaction, not automation. They know what it takes to go on this journey, and theyre here to help every player reach their destinationand have fun along the way.

The WayBetter Referees

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