WayBetter Games Rules

WayBetter offers different kinds of games where players upload photos, videos, or connect fitness trackers as verification for certain activities (e.g. working out, eating healthy, etc.). To win, you must complete the total number of submissions required for the individual game - some may require 4 a week, some 5, etc. Each photo must be unique and follow the rules of the particular game.

Note: Apple does not sponsor WayBetter in any way. No prizes are provided by Apple.

Verification: Once you upload your photo or video through the app it will be automatically approved, but other players can flag submissions as not meeting the criteria of the game. Our referee team will review flagged submissions and be auditing activity.

If there are any issues with your submission, we’ll contact you as soon as possible. If your account is flagged for suspicious workout activity, you may be required to re-submit your photo or redo the activity entirely. Failure to comply with our audit requirements will result in disqualification and forfeiture of your accumulated winnings and any pending investments. You may also be banned from playing again and subject to other penalties. We have a zero-tolerance policy on cheating.

Photos, videos, and activities must be uploaded by your mobile device and cannot be altered or entered manually. If your phone/tracker fails to upload your photos, videos, or activities, those uploads will not be counted. We cannot reverse disqualifications caused by uncharged, broken, unsynced, lost, or stolen devices.

For Running games, players must follow their game’s running schedule and pace requirements (see each game for details). One qualifying run can be counted per day, and it must be started and finished on the same calendar day. Runs must be tracked in one continuous session and completed in the order of the running schedule. Exceeding that day’s time or distance is allowed (and encouraged), but going above and beyond won’t count toward future runs.

Privacy: We respect your privacy, and know that some goals are strictly personal. To keep your submissions private, select Private Submission in the settings portion of your app. Your submission may still be reviewed by our game referees for verification purposes. If you’d like to share your progress with your fellow players, deselect Private Submission.

Investment Payment: Investments for all games must be paid up-front. The investment amount for each game is set by the organizer, and you can pay via PayPal, credit card, or with your winnings from another game. Some may not require an investment to join.

Refunds: Players can leave the game and receive a refund (no questions asked) within 3 days of the game start (regardless of date joined). Special exceptions may be made after the 3 day period for verified medical reasons. Documentation must be provided for verification purposes. No refunds will be made after the game ends. No exceptions.

Winning: Hit your weekly goals during every week, and you’re a winner unless player has been removed by the Organizer or WayBetter. If you are disqualified, you are welcome to continue to play along but are ineligible for winnings.

Winnings: Winnings are issued to your account as Points after a game is finalized. This can take a few days after it ends. Once a game is finalized and winnings are distributed, no adjustments can be made to the game results.

Disputes: All decisions by WayBetter Referees shall be considered final.

Payouts: If there is an investment, winners will be notified and winnings will be disbursed to your WayBetter account within 2 weeks of the end of the game. As with all WayBetter games, payouts are issued via PayPal. You cannot have your winnings credited back to a credit card. If you don’t have a PayPal account, please email support@waybetter.com to discuss alternatives to PayPal. Please note such alternatives may result in payout delays and additional fees.

Age Requirement: You must be at least 18 years old to participate.

Prohibited Actions: Players caught engaging in prohibited actions shall be ejected from the game at the sole discretion of WayBetter’s Referees. Ejected players shall not be entitled to a refund of any fees or investments. The following actions are prohibited:

  • Engaging in activities that falsely portray the completion of an activity (e.g. uploading a photo that does not qualify the requirements of the game).
  • A person other than the player completing the required activity on behalf of the player.
  • Other activities determined to be unsportsmanlike by WayBetter Referees.

Unsportsmanlike Activities: WayBetter aims to create a supportive, fun environment that helps players become more active. Like all communities, we run the risk that a few bad apples can ruin the experience for everyone. To this end, we ask our players to adhere to the following guidelines of good sportsmanship, as well as help us enforce these standards that bring out the best in us all.

  • No playing in bad faith (playing repeatedly in a manner of “hustling”).
  • No manipulating the game, including colluding, investing in someone other than yourself, investing in someone losing, or otherwise interfering with the fair and natural course of the competition.
  • No harassment of players.
  • No embarrassment of players.
  • No disclosing confidential information of another player.
  • No posting photos/videos without permission of the subject or photographer.
  • No gaming of the system by creating multiple accounts or forging videos.
  • No business, product, or self-promotion posts in the games.

Disclaimer and Indemnification:

Know The Health Risks: Consult with a qualified healthcare provider before engaging in a game. Some activities like exercising can be risky in certain circumstances and we want to avoid injuries. Players assume all risks of their participation.

Play Smart: Don’t engage in a game where you don't think you can complete all of the activities in the required time, or when you cannot afford to lose the money that you’ve invested.

Keep It Legal: WayBetter does not permit use of its services in jurisdictions where such contests are illegal.


WayBetter Game: A contest to complete a certain amount of activities and submit verification photos, videos, or data via a fitness tracker of a certain activity in a set amount of time. Players invest money into the shared pot at the outset of the game (if required). Winners split the shared pot.

Host: An Host creates a game and sets the start date and investment. The Host also determines whether it is invitation-only (Private) or open to the public (Open-Access). The Host normally invites friends to participate and may also join the game as a player.

Private Game: A private game requires an invitation from the Host, or one of its players, to join.

Public Game: An public game is open to all eligible players.

Referee: A Referee (or Ref) is an agent of WayBetter who audits the game.

Investment: Investments are a feature of the game to make it more effective. Investments are collected by WayBetter and kept in the shared pot until the end.


1. How do you prevent cheating?

We have a zero-tolerance policy for cheating. And players found to be cheating or falsifying their activities will be immediately removed. Players may be asked to provide additional evidence of completed activity if they are flagged for suspicious behavior.

2. Is this gambling? This game is not gambling because it is fundamentally based on the activities you complete, and not an element of chance. In other words, whether or not you win is in your control, not random like gambling.

3. Can I play in more than one game at once? You sure can! We know that some players feel more motivated when they up the stakes by playing in a few games at once, or prevent post-win weight gain with overlapping games.

4. Are my photo and video submissions visible to other players in the game? When a player completes a submission, they can choose to share it with their fellow players or to keep it private. To keep your submissions private, select Private Submission in the settings portion of your app. Your submission may still be reviewed by our game referees for verification purposes, but will not be shared with others in the game. If you’d like to share your progress with your fellow players, deselect Private Submission option in your settings and your photos and videos will be posted in the game feed.

5. How do I get my winnings? Getting your winnings is as easy as clicking a button! Shortly after your game finalizes, your winnings will appear in your account as Points. If you don’t want to put your Points toward a new game, just go to Your Points and select “Request a payout via PayPal.”

If you don’t have a PayPal account, please email support@waybetter.com to discuss alternatives to PayPal. Please note such alternatives may result in payout delays and additional fees.

6. What happens if I travel and change time zones in the middle of a game? WayBetter assumes that you are located in the same time zone throughout the course of a game. If you happen to travel while participating in a game, then your submissions will reflect the original time zone you were in when the game began.