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Lurel bet on herself and won more than money.

Our apps supercharge your motivation.


Lose weight the fun way.

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Make running a habit.

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Work out more.

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The WayBetter Way

We bring people together to turn the hard work of habit change into a fun, social game.

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Achievable goals

Good goals that build confidence and momentum.

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Social support

The journey is easier when you're part of a friendly community.

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Financial incentives

Money motivates! Earn cash rewards for your hard work.

The best way to build healthy habits.

I qualified for the Boston Marathon!

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After my youngest was born I was at my heaviest and struggled with postpartum depression. I couldn’t run a mile. I discovered WayBetter and lost weight with DietBet. Then I joined RunBet and got back into running. In 2018 I ran Boston and I feel great!

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Nearly a million people are creating a WayBetter World

$83,551,762paid out to players

Feel good in your body

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DietBet nudges you to make healthier choices all day. The best part: you’re part of a supportive group to lift you up when you need it and cheer you on when you succeed.

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How do you get your steps?

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StepBet makes every step count whether you’re walking across the parking lot, hiking, or salsa dancing while you do your laundry. Try it and see how it supercharges your energy.

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Run your way

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If you’ve ever struggled to make running fun, this game is for you. Choose from novice to advanced and commit to run regularly. You won’t believe how great you’ll feel.

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Have fun sweating

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Need a nudge to make exercise part of your day? SweatBet gives you the motivation to do convenient routines from home. You’ll feel yourself getting stronger each day.

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Image of a man and woman doing planks on a beach.

Join nearly a million #goalfriends

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Haley H.
Perth, Australia

I can genuinely enjoy life now. I can go out with friends and have fun without my weight being a barrier anymore.

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Lurel W.
Salt Lake City, UT

Not only is it great motivation to get my butt out there when I dont want to but getting paid on top of that is awesome!

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Round picture of Shannon.
Nashville, TN

I used to run half marathons, but after an injury I gained 40 lbs, and I’d been unmotivated until I found StepBet. I’m so much more motivated now!

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