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Bet, Run, Win!

RunBet hosts games to keep you committed to running. Place your bet, start running, and win!

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Not only is it great motivation to get my butt out there when I dont want to but getting paid on top of that is awesome!

Lurel W.

How to play

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New games start every Monday. Each game’s run schedule shows what you have to do.

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Bet on yourself

Commit to running by betting into the pot. We’ll keep it safe until the game is over.

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Run anywhere

Indoors on a treadmill, or outdoors — just sync with one of these GPS apps:

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Hit your goals and get your bet back — plus extra from runners that didn’t finish the game.

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RunBet players have logged more than 1,060,058 miles!

That’s 4.4 trips to the moon! 🌙

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Because of RunBet I have officially run 250 miles since February! I can't motivate myself to do it without RunBet!

Abigail A.
Pella, Iowa
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Keeps me on trackBetting with RunBet kept me accountable

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