RunBet Rules


Apple does not sponsor RunBet in any way. No prizes are provided by Apple.

Game Duration

RunBet games vary in length depending on the individual game’s rules. During the course of the game, players must complete all of their required runs according to the run schedule.


All players in a game are given the same running schedule. Run schedules vary depending on the individual game’s rules, but the following apply to all RunBet games:

Only one qualifying run will be counted per day. Runs must be completed in the order of the running schedule. Running beyond the minimum distance is allowed, but will not reduce or replace future runs. Runs must be started and completed in the same calendar day, and will be officially counted when RunBet verifies the run. Each game includes a minimum pace for each run which can be found in the game's description. All runs must be tracked in one continuous session from start to finish.

Rule Variations

To optimize RunBet for health and fun and to experiment with new formats, RunBet may make adjustments to the rules in individual games. You will be able to see any rule variations before you join a game.

Run Verification

All runs must be verified by RunBet. Outdoor runs must be tracked and recorded using a supported run tracker app. Garmin Connect, Runkeeper, and Strava are currently supported. Indoor runs must be on a treadmill and be validated by RunBet's Referees as outlined below. Players may combine outdoor and indoor runs during the game (though not within a single run). Other verification methods are not allowed (other running apps, photos of your watch, app screenshots, etc.).

To run outside, players must first have (or create) an account with one of the supported run trackers and give RunBet permission to access run data from it. The distance and duration of runs must be tracked directly by a phone or wearable tracker and may not be altered or entered manually. Players must sync their runs within 24 hours to make sure they count towards the game.

For treadmill verification, players must submit two photos to RunBet's Referees via the RunBet app:

  1. A photo of the treadmill's readout with a clear display of distance and duration.
  2. A "sweaty selfie” that clearly shows the player’s face.

Photos must be submitted on the same day as the run. Submissions that do not comply with both requirements above will not be counted. Note that RunBet reviews photo timestamps and other metadata associated with photos.

Use of exercise machines other than a traditional treadmill (e.g. elliptical, stationary bike, stair climber, etc.) is prohibited, unless a particular game explicitly states otherwise.

If a player’s phone or wearable activity tracker fails to track distance or duration for any reason, that run will not be counted. RunBet cannot reverse disqualifications arising from uncharged, broken, unsynced, or lost devices.

As part of our anti-cheating policing and general auditing measures, some players may be required to submit additional data from their phone or wearable device, including screenshots and background data. In certain circumstances, players may also be asked to capture or record additional information, such as videos of their indoor runs. In these cases, players will be contacted by RunBet's Referees with specific instructions. Compliance with such requests is mandatory. Non-compliance may result in ejection without a refund.

Simultaneous Games

Players may play in one RunBet game at a time. Disqualified players are eligible to join another game immediately following their disqualification.


Any player who completes all the requirements for their game, as verified by RunBet, is a winner. If a player is disqualified, he or she can continue to play along and enjoy the interactive features of the game but will not be eligible to share in the pot at the end.


Winnings are deposited in your account as Points after a game ends. You may use your Points in future games or request a PayPal payout of unused Points at any time. Payouts become available within 48 hours of being requested. You cannot have your winnings credited back to a credit card. In rare cases where a player requires a paper check, we charge a $5 fee to cover the cost of writing and mailing the check within the United States regardless of the payout amount. After 12 months of inactivity, Points will expire.

Bet Payment

Bets must be paid up front. The bet amount for each game is set by RunBet, and players can pay via PayPal or credit card.


Players may receive a no-questions-asked refund until the game starts, or within 3 days of purchase, whichever is later.


All decisions by RunBet Referees shall be considered final.

Age Requirement

Players must be at least 18 to participate in RunBet.

Prohibited Actions

Players caught engaging in prohibited actions shall be ejected from RunBet at the sole discretion of the RunBet Referees. Ejected players shall not be entitled to any refunds. The following actions are prohibited:

Engaging in activities that falsely increase, decrease, or otherwise manipulate the mileage recorded. Manually adding mileage within the player’s activity tracker. Tampering with the measurement reported by the player’s activity tracker. Other activities determined to be unsportsmanlike by RunBet Referees.

Unsportsmanlike Activities

RunBet aims to create a supportive, fun environment that helps players become more active. Like any community, a few bad RunBet apples can ruin the experience for everyone. To this end, WayBetter implores our players to adhere to the following guidelines of good sportsmanship, and to help enforce these standards among others, in order to bring out the best in everyone involved:

No playing in bad faith (playing repeatedly in a manner of “hustling”). No manipulating the game, including colluding, betting on a RunBet that the player is not competing in, betting on someone other than yourself, betting on someone to lose, or otherwise interfering with the fair and natural course of the competition. No harassment of players. No embarrassment of players. No disclosing confidential information. No posting photos without the permission of the subject or the photographer. No gaming the system by creating multiple accounts. No business, product, or self-promotion posts in the game.

Health Notification

People get injured from running all the time. Players should participate in a RunBet game only if their health permits it. Players should consult a qualified healthcare provider before participating particularly if they have known health issues that could be impacted by the activities required in this game. By playing, the player agrees to and acknowledges that WayBetter and its affiliates and partners, including technology partners and game hosts and coaches, shall not be responsible for any injuries or deaths that may arise from participation in this game. See WayBetter Terms of Use disclaimers.


Please review the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) segment prepared for this game as it contains important information relating to your game participation. Your use of WayBetter’s sites and software and your participation in WayBetter’s games constitute acceptance of WayBetter’s Terms and Conditions and its Privacy Policy, and any modifications that may be made to them over time.