Image of several people doing push-ups.Image of several people doing push-ups.
go strong

Work out more.

Work out more often

You want to work out regularly, but sticking to a routine is hard. SweatBet motivates you to make time for fitness so that you feel fitter and stronger each day.


Pick your game

Find a game you like, then bet into the pot to join.


Work out

Complete the workouts laid out in your game’s schedule.


Win money

Do all the workouts for your game and split the pot! Get back your bet plus a profit.

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Sweat it out

Image of a man and woman doing planks on a beach.

Get in the best shape of your life with expertly-designed workout plans that give you no excuse to quit.

You’ll break a sweat and get that euphoric post-workout exhaustion…and then wake up the next day motivated to do it again (from the comfort of your home, no equipment needed).

Image of a man and woman doing planks on a beach.

SweatBet motivates you to stick to a workout plan.