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Lose weight playing games. Seriously!

Play games from your customizable plan and crush weight-loss goals the fun way. Small steps, big wins.

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The WayBetter Way™

Dieting is about enduring pain. Who wants that? It’s not fun or sustainable. We’ll show you a better way: making a healthy lifestyle enjoyable with social games. Because if you don’t enjoy it, you won’t stick with it.

New games starting every week with attainable goals.

Achievable goals

New games starting every week with attainable goals.

Motivation Boosters

To give you a push

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Social Support

A caring community of fellow players

Applying Behavioral Science

I qualified for the Boston Marathon!

Image of Lurel.

After my youngest was born I was at my heaviest and struggled with postpartum depression. I couldn’t run a mile. I discovered WayBetter and lost weight. Then I got back into running. In 2018 I ran Boston and I feel great!

Image of Lurel.

Over a million people are creating a WayBetter World

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Funpower, not willpower.

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Losing weight doesn’t have to feel lonely and hard. Our social games to move more and eat better turn work into play and make it easy to sustain your new healthy lifestyle.

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Never diet again.

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We’ll help you tweak your eating (and drinking) habits in a way you can sustain. We’ll personalize a nutrition plan just for you and give you the skills to eat well intuitively.

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The magical benefits of walking

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Walking just a little more every day lowers blood pressure, resting heart rate, body fat percentage, body mass index, total cholesterol, and depression. We’re big fans and you will be too after you play in our addictive stepping games.

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Join nearly a million #goalfriends

Jill portrait
Jill A.
Chicago, IL

Love it. WayBetter has honestly changed my life. I am sticking with things I used to give up after a week or two. This is exactly what I’ve been looking for. The hosts and games have all been outstanding. I am so thankful.

Round picture of Haley.
Haley H.
Perth, Australia

I can genuinely enjoy life now. I can go out with friends and have fun without my weight being a barrier anymore.

Round picture of Shannon.
Nashville, TN

I used to run half marathons, but after an injury I gained 40 lbs, and I’d been unmotivated until I found StepBet. I’m so much more motivated now!

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